Game improvement suggestions - Drones, Koreans and chat referencing

Hello everyone,

Recently I started playing EVE Online and I assumed that after 16 years of development the game would reach maturity. I noticed three little problems that I have a suggested solution for.

First one is the problem with Koreans in Rookie Help. Would it be possible instead of putting everyone there just pipe these people into Korean chat according to their IP address of localization setting of the client? The solution should take less than an hour.

The second problem I have with the game is that there is absolutely no way how from within the chat reference other players. For example, Discord has solved this with typing @+bunchofletters+tab which pops up the actual reference of the player.

The third problem I have with the game is that the drones are not automatically put into drone bay when you are warping out of a location. In such a futuristic world the fact that the drones do not automatically return on warp is ridiculous. I already lost over 15 drones because of this lacking feature.

All these issues should be solvable each one within 1 hour (but the chat referencing). I believe this would help the game live up to nowadays standards.

Please only consider these suggestions as constructive feedback. I would be more than happy to see these issues being resolved.


No. This is not a feature. You are asking for easy mode. Harden up. Welcome to Eve.

lmao, who is this kid?
This has got to be a troll, no one is THIS thick.

What the hell do you mean by easy mode? Do you really believe that in such futuristic future drones are stupid enough not to auto recall? Drones nowadays can do that.

The game clearly lacks the feature. This has no implications on easy/hard mode whatsoever. The fact that you are forced to repetitively do a thing which would be automated hundreds of years before EVE would even happen makes the game much less likeable and playable.

Steps to creating a troll post:

  1. Claim to be a developer.

If this is what EVE’s community is, I might reconsider playing this game.

Your “auto recall drones” idea has no merit. Like the hundreds or thousands of “easy mode” posters who come on here and want the interface to be made easier, you refuse to listen to the fact that these are game design choices - not oversights.

You wonder why we aren’t listening to you? Why aren’t you listening to us?

I would expect a kid who has made the same mistake 15 times (like leaving drones behind) learn from said mistake.

If you’ve still not learned and instead resorted to coming to the forums and demand that CCP change the game because you are bad, then you’re not long for this game. On top of that, the hilarious “should only take 1 hour” mentality. lmao.


I removed all my replies, if there is someone who actually listens to its games users, please notify me.

If I had 1B isk each time some kid came onto this forum and claimed to be a developer themselves, I would have so much money I’d be able to start another Moneybadger Coalition.

A guy thinks that one connection call to a channel is more than one if statement worth of work.


Why do they always call everybody else “kids” and claim to be the only adult in the room? The last thread like this was locked 8 hours ago and had the same sort of attitude.

If I had 1B ISK every time internet troll started bothering me on internet, I would have infinite ISK right now.

They do once you call them a kid.

Personally, this helps me because I refuse to believe any functional adult could possibly be this dumb.
If I’m proven wrong and they actually are adults, it just makes me sad. :frowning:

And here you go. Scoots_Choco has been born.

Edit: I honestly do not see how do you expect new players to stay if you attack them every time they have constructive suggestion for your game.

New players should not come to our game and immediately suggest changes. The game has been around for 16 years. It has some quirks, but you are not familiar enough with it to have any idea of why it has been successful. It is not just a “space MMO.”

It requires that very complicated sets of tasks be performed in the right order and without leaving anything out - or there are consequences. You are suggesting that one of those steps be removed from the game.


It is just a “space MMO” in the end. A space MMO sandbox if you ask me so I do not really get your point. Since the game went over 16 years of development, one would already expect to have some sort of chat referencing mechanism to players from within the text. The same way one would expect not to be connected to Rookie Help with 50% chat being written in Korean.

The game is extremely unsuccessful in attracting new players. Why change anything when you have active paying customers?

HURR DURR Let’s just crap on new people, call them trolls, tell them that they do not do the job they actually do! Yaaay! We are happy, we no need new people, wowo, we space people, not ordinary space people, we EVE people!

Imagine going to your first piano lesson and telling the teacher that learning piano shouldn’t be hard - it should be fun. In fact, you have some great ideas about how to make the piano easier so that it will attract more “new players.” You know all you need to know about playing the piano because you have played the kazoo, the harmonica, and even the bongo drums.

How would your piano teacher react?

Well if I was playing various musical instruments for 20 years (playing games for 20 years) I could immediately give tips to the teacher how to teach it (what things to make better). I would probably be able to play the piano (play the game) already from my musical experience thus I would have the right to say so.

Long story short, if I had major in Music I would instantly be able to play the piano. The same way I was intuitively able to play this game. This does not remove right from user to be able to give constructive feedback.

Also if I had an idea how to make piano more portable (creating a synthesizer) and there was no such thing before it people building pianos would at least think about my suggestion instead of shitting on my head.