Games with Player based Economy and Commerce?

Looking for suggestions on SIM or Game where players have the ability to start a business or engage in commerce with other players. EVE is a great example. Players literally mine and create to supply other players. My other fave is FSEconomy, a web based system that attaches to any flight sim that connects you to a world filled with other flight sim enthusiest, but you have the ability to own planes or airports in the shared virtual world where you can open your own aircraft sales or leasing company, shipping company to fly other players’ cargo or passengers, and form groups who offer services to other groups. I’m not trying to make the business side the main focus of the game, but where I can 50% enjoy playing and 50% enjoy the online commerce.

Dual Universe is doing something similar. It’s a combination of Space Engineer and EVE.

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I had a friend try to get me to jump into Elite Dangerous so like any game/SIM i consider, I watched some recent vids and the general overview was it’s fun, especially when you start, but it all just becomes very familiar over and over again eventually and it just seems like It would die out on me, especially with not much in the way of player commerce and interaction. Dual Universe looks very promising, especially with so many people recommending not buying Star Citizen yet.

You can wait with buying SC till when it comes out… if you live long enough that is. :skull:


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