Gank alts and deleting

forbidden or not is still

LOL. People won’t even accept the GM ruling.


He’s not wrong though to question it… I’ve seen two different answers about the same topic, on trading characters across accounts with no isk transfer… one said it was against forum rules, and another said it wasn’t…

biomass f up chars was always against the rules in eve
but it appears that after ftp is not ( they say)
anyway its foolish
i don’t really care and @Archer_en_Tilavine asked in a ticket sooooo

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And a decade ago, we were asking this about rolling corporations to avoid wars, and got conflicting answers every single time. And then there was the debate about boomeranging and hyperdunking when ganking.

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You will not get it here.


if it supposedly an exploit, it aint being enforced, anyone can tell that by flying from amarr to jita every day and seeing the local in all the systems
the spammer scammers burn through alts to get around people blocking them (which I dont get, if someone knows your a scam to block you, they wont believe you saying the same crap under a different name) and the gankers that are to lazy to repair their sec rating, or dont want to wait out all the kill rights

You got me giggling uncontrollably. I knew people like this.

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nah ive killed a guy and his alt remakes several times in jita, he had day 0s in trashers popping pods/shuttles/untanked frigates. get low enough delete and have another one out.

Why are you quoting my post and then write something that has zero relevance to the quote? If you just want to brag how you once killed a trasher you don’t really have to quote me.

Did you report him? If not you are part of the problem.

Yes. But i think manhunt unabomber is a better series , mindhunter is well produced , more popular , have good actors , but manhunt is more intelligent and well directed imho

Sorry but I found this kinda funny. You don’t want miners thinking they’re safe but you also want to gank them without your sec status suffering and, coincidentally, without anyone ever being able to retaliate because you’ve deleted the character.