Ganked by noobs

Only cowards gank orcas while crashing a players client

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That’s uhhhh… quite a fit, bro.


With a name like that…I’d have thought you’d have a great escape.

( sorry )


Not that there is anything wrong with fetish pornography. Malware is a problem tho :rofl:


Your ability to to fit your ship is about as good as your ability to make a logical screenshot of what you’re trying to say. Assuming the CD actually happened (and it wasn’t you rage quitting the client) it changed nothing. Nothing you could have done at that moment would have changed this outcome.

– edit –

All of your recent losses have several empty slots, some lack whole rows of slots. Like actually WTF.


Just wait till CCP starts selling Orca mining packs to replace your loss for RL $$$.

:wink: :smirk: :dealwithitparrot:


File a bug on the crash? There’s probably a crash dump for it (it also uploads the dump by default unless turned off). You can also load these up into WinDbg (no symbols though) to see which facility crashed in the backtrace).

If indeed it was a client crash, that would possibly get a reembursement of the loss?

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On looking at the fit of your ship…eeek.

I can only assume you didn’t have enough capacitor/CPU left to fit basic stuff like Damage Control II…or any bulkheads. Eve Uni says an Orca can reach over 400K+ of EHP.

11 Catalysts delivering a combined 4400HP of damage a second should not be able to defeat that, even in 0.5 security space. As it is, it seems you ‘only just’ got ganked…even with your 100K or so EHP.

I have to get me some of those OP modules.

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I see you have a refined palette.

Nothing beats out running a gank mob ship naked.


You could have fit absolutely no modules on your orca and opened the thread with the bait “only cowards fit modules and rigs”. Big missed opportunity.


Ah yes. What makes EVE great :smiley:

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Only cowards DON’T mine in Uedama

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Why were you piloting your orca in dangerous space?

You should be mining in starter systems.


Yeah. Any ship with significant Hull needs a DC2. It doubles the Hull. I know. “Duh.” But nothing is obvious until it actually is. I saw a bowhead Kill Mail recently where they tried to armor tank it. No DC2.

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Some days I miss the old damage control where if you didn’t have it, you got nothing. At least then more people seemed to fit it. Though, there was also remembering to turn it on back then too lol


Would crashing a players client happen to be in referrence with time dilation?

Crash means abend (abnormal end). Crash dump is printed.