Gankers killing EvE

You are forgetting that most of the gankers who kill barges or exhumers are doing that not for isk but for “tears”. Thus the only solution here I see you to have lasting consequences. Or to adapt current ones to have more impact. Like post above.

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We aren’t doing it for the isk or the tears. We simply expect every miner in the game to purchase a valid mining license and obey the law.

It’s a very reasonable request.

Hey guys, just seen this advanced mining pack! What do you think?

So long as the speed concord reacts to in 1.0 is the same speed for players who are 10.0, and gets worse the lower you are, to a minute at most when at 0.0, im all for this change.

I havent forgotten this.

This sentence doesnt make any sense.

But just because gankers dont care about isk, doesnt mean it isnt balanced, or skewed towards the victim.

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Because noobs should be easier to gank than carebear vets?



Well what ever the answer is it worked ok last night , was out training new players to anti-ganking and came across the painter fleet in Uedama , sadly he got a freighter but as a little bit of pay back we killed his looter , so game seems to be working , both side put the effort in, where patient and ships went pop in massive balls of fire .

So game seems to work



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The Gankers stop exploiting the Game-Mechanik in Highsec with dozens of Accounts
and do PvP in Low and 0.0 where its is supposed to.

This is the thing that needs to be taken seriously. SO many of the gankers are clearly the same person (you can tell by the character names and such). They’re clearly cheating to be able to gank in hi-sec with 20+ characters in time before getting concorded. Without broadcasting they’d never be able to pull it off. Ganking is fine, but single players solo’ing freighters in hi-sec with cheating need to be dealt with.

how is being far better than you at EVE cheating ?

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Hate to break it to you sunshine, but gankers are actually great for EVE, especially for industry and the economy. Here is the why:

  1. Gankers destroy items which industrialists produce, thereby creating more demand on the market, and allowing industrialists to exploit that demand by creating a supply.

  2. They create an ISK sink by destroying valuable ships/items, which reduces the market inflation.

  3. They remove unused, or unnecessary structures, thus creating content, and de-cluttering systems, and allowing for placement of structures which provide valuable services to other players.

  4. They remind people that high security space is just that, HIGH SECURITY, not absolute security, thus keeping with the theme of “space is a dangerous place” and “to undock is to consent to PvP”

  5. Even gankers will realize that the person they shot was new, and likely comp their ship, and give them valuable insights, tips, and fitting advice to prevent them from being a victim again.

  6. Welcome to New Eden.

  7. Show us on the doll where the gankers touched you.

  8. HTFU