Ganking in highsec without wardec and not getting Concorded

Yes, of course, he has not streamed or recorded it for all to see. He is better than you and as such must be a dirty cheater. Please send me your things and biomass this is not a game for the weak-minded.



Only 1000? I hope its buy one get one free…

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People here act like it’s ridiculous that someone is complaining about a high-sec gank. In reality they just benefit from it somehow and are blowing smoke up their own rear ends. The mechanic is broke. “WeLl ThAt’S eVe. NoT eVeRyThInG iS 100% SaFe”. Yes, nothing is guaranteed and that’s how it should be but isn’t it all about finding the right balance to Risk vs Reward? A jump freighter pilot risks a ton of ISK for minimal reward. Meanwhile, a ganker gets extremely high reward for virtually no risk and smacking f1. You lose your disposable Talos & you buy some security tags with the Insane profit you make. It’s not right & it should be changed.

Be careful what you wish for. The only realistic way to fix your problem is oddly enough to increase the gank timer.
Some other changes happening along side this.

Every ship in Eve is suppose to be disposable. It’s literally the first of the Golden Rules. I don’t know why players expect complete safety or to be immune to the other players because they chose to fly a more expensive ship.

Besides, a properly flown jump freighter is 100% safe. Between jumping tether-to-tether and the ability to jump out of any gate camp in highsec, it is impossible to lose a jump freighter unless you make a serious mistake. That is something that isn’t right and should be changed.


This isn’t true. Everyone says it’s 100% safe but the reality is that it isn’t. Got an insta-lock Webber? That’s great but if they’ve got an insta-lock frigate it comes down to nano-seconds of who clicked first. If it ends up being them then it’s over. Also what your proposing is a system where someone can be killed even if they do everything 100% perfectly? That doesn’t seem right. They can’t even shoot back…

Buff JF’s EHP to the point that they have a fighting chance against a talo’s gang. Add X warp strength / skill level so they have a chance to jump out once talo’s start to pop. There are numerous options to make it a fair game

What about the people who are getting popped before they can even load grid on the undock?

Then they bring 2 more Talos.
Your idea does nothing to actually make a difference in practice.

To make it actually interesting and a fighting chance you have to increase the timer to lower the number of talos they bring. Lower numbers and more time actually make it possible for you to fight back.
There are other changes that can be done alongside this to make it even more interesting and uncertain for both sides, but the core principle is that the longer there is to react, and the lower the ganker numbers, the more chance to do something.

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No, we don’t “act like” it’s ridiculous. It is ridiculous. Your post is ridiculous…

Which mechanic? There is no suicide ganking mechanic other than CONCORD, which is unstoppable and unavoidable. Are you asking for CONCORD to be removed or what?

And where does the ganker reward come from? Sure it doesn’t come from some NPC rats, does it? So why don’t you tell that to the players that provide such rewards to the gankers?

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That shouldn’t happen - there is an invulnerability timer for a reason. This would be one of the few cases where I would support a reimbursement by CCP for a PvP loss.

Of course no one should be 100% safe even if they do everything perfectly, at least while they are generating or moving resources in this game. That is poor game design. If you are perfectly safe, you can carry infinite value with no thought or trade-off breaking the core idea of this game. Someone should always be able to explode you, if they are willing to pay the costs.

An insta-lock point still requires ~2s to lock you. Ok, it is a race to click your 100%-guaranteed-escape-PvP button before being tackled, but unless you are on some small South Pacific island with a 1500ms ping time, you have such an advantage you can’t lose.

I agree, Jump Freighters should be quite safe. Moving stuff through dangerous space is their raison d’etre. But they already are. If some enterprising player or group is able to catch a pilot napping, and burn a couple billion in ships to take a shot at killing it, then they have earned the kill. Kudos to them for enforcing the risk that is suppose to be there everywhere in space and teaching the lazy/greedy/bad jump freighter pilot a lesson.

Just because freighters can’t fit guns doesn’t mean that the deck isn’t completely, and border-line unfairly, stacked against the hunters of jump freighters. The only real risk of losing them is either negligent inattention or server instability, combined with the bad luck of being in the wrong place with the 1 or 2 players that even try to attack them.

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There is a reason for the rapid lights on my webber.

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So many replies to obvious troll. :woman_facepalming:


I guarantee you none of these pilots are lazy. The logistics and risk involved in moving cargo through out the game requires a ton of alts, an expensive ship, a ton of fuel, & a lot of time to make the trips. It’s not an easy space job & the rewards are oftentimes not really worth how much your risking. Most pilots do it because they enjoy feeling like they are helping other players. 26 Jump Freighters have died to this group in the past 7 days, more if you go back even further. I’d be interested to know how many of them had webs, how many were able to load grid, & how many of them had a chance to escape before they got insta-popped in a 10B ship. All I’m saying is that gankers need to be punished in some meaningful way aside from getting their trash ship popped & security status lowered neither of those are meaningful in anyway.

Your gunna use 3x rapid lights to pop a procurer before the 15-20 talo’s can show up and pop your freighter & add more tackle? I think not.

It isn’t though. Your one of the people blowing smoke to justify a system that is unreasonably stacked against the defender. The equivalent of shooting fish in a barrel and bragging about it.

No, it is not.

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Bollocks, a blanket statement like that is just utter horseshit.

Some were lazy, some were greedy, some were unlucky and some were not even at the keyboard.

unreasonably stacked against the defender.

More uninformed crap, the odds are actually stacked in the defenders favour; it’s hardly the gankers fault that their victims don’t take advantage of that by making sensible choices.

Do stupid shite in Eve, and someone will take advantage of it.


Its true.