Ganking Nado

Does anyone by chance have the basic skills to run a ganking nado fit? Just bare minimum skills is all I’m looking for.

Thanks in advance!


ZKillboard does.

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Well this one is gate killer but yeah, look no further.

That’s pretty much what a Tornado can do: Sit on a station or gate and alpha a target off the field. IF you wand high DPS, you need to look at HPL Oracles, NBC Nagas or Taloses with their 1k+ DPS.

You don’t know how to fit ships? Tornado is one of the easiest. You fit 1400s, two target painters, sensor boosters and four gyros.

no rig ?

Use your imagination. Sheesh

maybe no rig for cheaper
or dps rigs for more alpha
tracking rigs for better apply.
or target speed rigs

what else ?

align time rigs for GTFO?

Yeah maybe a rig for improving the target painters. As Drigo said: Use your imagination and fit according to your use case and skillpoints.

is there such a rig ?

I did not ask what are the rigs. I asked if a rig existed, which increases target painters.

I think not. Show me there is one.

I did not ask your opinion. I looked and didn’t find it. Maybe you remove the fingers from your lazy ass and give an interesting link ? It’s not rocket science.

You’re really slow hu…

Who even uses target painters on nados?

8 1400s
3 sebo
2 tracking comp
3-4 gyros
Tracking enhancers
And whatever rigs you need


Someone who knows why and what for. They’re the redheaded step child of offensive modules. With curled hair and freckles. Gotta love 'em real good, ya know, else they’d go find a better guy. Watch out for the porcellaine skin toned though, they can be sinister and dark and damn hard to tame.

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Tracking has always been better on gunboats than tps ever will

Sig doesn’t matter if you can’t track your target

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you do understand that sig is in tracking formula?

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You do realize tat if there’s little to no transversal, tracking mods are still better?