Ganking, or rather the Right to Gank

(Pix Severus) #750

It always amuses me when people throw around words like “extortion” and “racketeering” in regards to the mining permits. It implies that agents are selling permits for the purpose of making profit, which is just silly. 10m ISK is peanuts, and even if they sell 100 permits, that’s still peanuts considering the work involved. The permit is just a contract between the client and the agent; one that stipulates the client will read and follow The Code, and in return the agent may offer advice on how to remain Code Compliant through suggestions for ships/fits, etc.

Even newbies should be able to afford permits. I’ve known newbies that have made hundreds of millions of ISK on their first day in-game, just from chatting with people and being sociable.

Anyone who believes that permit sales are part of some elaborate cash grab are thinking with a one-dimensional, psuedo-Ferengi, carebear mind. There’s more to EVE than profit.

(Aiko Danuja) #751

I remember when I was asked to buy a permit. I’ll admit, I hesitated. For about one or two seconds, I was like, “Everything in EVE is a scam. This is probably a scam.” However, I was ready to quit the game anyways. It was boring. It was stupid. Mining was dumb. PvE was dumb. Consensual PvP was dumb. What was the point of anything? So I bought a permit, because at least James is amusing. The blog is funny, you got to give him credit. Praise be unto Him for making fun of the stupid miners.

Surprisingly, I made the entire cost of that permit back within the first hour, with profit. More importantly, and this is what carebears never seem to understand, I’m having fun and I’ve got a real purpose in EVE. My goal, my objective, my win scenario? You need to purchase a permit before you enter a high security zone. Otherwise you are gonna die, so you better hook up fast with a nullsec tutorial group. Pay your taxes, or GTFO.

(Solstice Projekt) #752

Do I know you? As in … that words get so rarely used, but I remember some people using it.

(Solstice Projekt) #753

Why would you want to deny a small group of people their … what bears wrongly call … playstyle?

(Lycannis SilvaNegra) #754

I will not deny anything but EVE is a large playfield. There are regions where they could play their style. There are people at the beach sunbathing, swimming, building castles in the sand but you dont have to play soccer on the same spot, destroying their kind of fun…

(Solstice Projekt) #755

The playfield you want to abolish us to is not the playfield we want to play in. You’re attacking a minority (gankers) who affect a minority (their victims). 99.99% of all people never get ganked, yet you somehow conclude that it’s a necessity to segregate a small group of people away from the rest.

Plus it’s a game. There are no real people here I could potentially disturb by playing soccer. Plus, if it is explicitely allowed to play soccer where the others are sunbathing, then those who are sunbathing should be making sure they don’t get the ball shot onto their heads.

You really need a reality check.

(Black Pedro) #756

While this is maybe true to some extent, Eve is actually more like a giant game of soccer on a section of beach rather than a sprawling sandy strand. If you enter that beach and try to start scoring goals, you can’t really complain if someone else comes over and tries to take your ball away or score on you, even if you are more interested in practising your footwork than scoring on others.

Ok, that’s a little simplistic, but Eve is a giant, competitive world where your actions impact on everyone else. Thus you have to be open to them, meaning if you are doing anything that impactful on the universe you have to be open to some (or many: AKA ganking) of them deciding to attack you.

CCP can tweak rules and balance but fundamentally, at its core, Eve is all these player interactions so many players ganging up on one is in the DNA of the game to the point is essentially an intrinsic right. If CCP tried to change that DNA it would be a mutation so large the game would be a new species at that point, and probably not a very viable one in my opinion.

(Daichi Yamato) #757

In your analogy, the whole game is the play field. The entire beach was paid for and designed as a giant football pitch and everyone plays together in the same game. Groups form their own teams and play to whatever style they like, as long as they follow the rules. This is the type of game many of us are looking for because its so massive, chaotic and yeah its a bit rough too, but that’s how we like it. Its the only game where we get this type of freedom, reward for being smart and a serious challenge. We don’t go to the other football games because they are simply boring and restrictive.

What you’re doing is setting up to sunbathe in the middle of the football pitch and then complaining when you get hit by the ball. Now we don’t mind you setting up to sunbathe on the pitch that much, but you’ve no right to complain if you get hit a few times. There are plenty of other beaches for you that are perfect for sunbathing if that’s what you really want to do.

And lets be honest, keeping us on the one big pitch stops us playing rough on the other pitches.

(Solstice Projekt) #758


Man, did I enjoy my right to gank.

(little bo) #759

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(Solstice Projekt) #760

Yes, because you refuse to improve, even though you could …
… and yes, because you don’t give a ■■■■ about it being wrong, which is horrible all by itself.

(Sol epoch) #761

I see ganking as weak people trying to be something in a pixel spaceship game due to failing in other aspects of their lives! Just my opinion by the way and we all know the saying about opinions!

(Galaxy Pig) #762

Ahmm, and what exactly makes your butt so hurt as to judge other players in this way? :avocado:

(Elyham) #763

The problem is the consequences are too harsh and particularly unfair. CCP needs to return back to full insurance payout to gankers and likely increase response times by 10 seconds per system level.

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #764

And killing T1 frigs, corvettes and pods in hisec in a command ship is the pinnacle of gallantry.

(Sol epoch) #765

No it is not, Just oportunistic and reflects the way the game has changed.

Shooting suspects and criminally flagged is just part of the boredom and lack of content on the road that eve is going down.

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #766

So you won’t mind if i state that i see people who kill T1 frigs, corvettes and pods in hisec in a command ship as weak people trying to be something in a pixel spaceship game due to failing in other aspects of their lives?

(Sol epoch) #767

Boredom can make you do weird things!

Assuming things about people you know nothing about and trying to ridicule them reflect more on you than them!

If you want to know how well I have done in other aspects of my life then mail me in game or we can discuss it on TS! Your choice

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #768

I agree, but that’s why i can’t blame gankers and try to mock their irl life.

(Sol epoch) #769

You do know I am not a ganker?