Ganking, or rather the Right to Gank

(Clockwork Robot) #730

Guy, I think I’ve made it clear that I completely agree with a lot of the points your corporation makes. Trying to spin it that I am raging against you when I’m not only makes you look kind of silly.

As does the nonsense, and RP. There’s no point in discussing reality with somebody who is obfuscating deliberately in order to annoy.

We both know that the permit means nothing, we both know that it is the most successful extortion scheme in highsec, and therefore the most successful Corporation.

CODE have their ■■■■ together. I’ve never denied it. But I’m afraid I’m not interested in discussing it with someone who is being silly about it. Ain’t no permit ever stopped somebody from getting blown up, that code wanted blown up.


You do you, boo. I’m just not interested in talking about it with you anymore.

(In before “I accept your surrender” or what not. I’m not actually fighting you. There is no need to save face for either of us, bruh.)

(Aiko Danuja) #731

Why does everybody keep saying CODE. is RP? We aren’t role-playing. We are completely serious about everything we say. Why do you keep trying to scam new players, telling them that the permit is meaningless and an extortion scheme? I have a permit, do you have one? How would you know if the permit is a scam, when you never even bought one?? The permit is the best thing ever. I bought a permit, and just like CODE. promised, James himself embraced me as his own child.

(Galaxy Pig) #732

Ah, I do apologize, it can take me a while to get around to reading a thread (as I don’t live here, unlike some people).

So I take it that your outlook hast drastically changed over the last 20 comments or so? So now you no longer hold that ridiculous position and are no longer deeply butthurt?
Is that right?

(Galaxy Pig) #733

Yeah you say that, then you turn around and say something like “there’s no way to win” or “you guys are just after TEARS!!!1” that proves you’re just another carebear on these forums.

I’m just a player and EVE is just a videogame. We’re not actual spaceship pilots.
I don’t know what else I could say to disabuse you of the belief that we’re roleplaying.

The way we comport ourselves may seem silly to you, but honestly, the way carebears comport themselves seems very silly to me, so shrug.

Put yourself in my shoes, as an agent who does indeed honor permits and has flown in fleets that pass up perfectly viable, but permit-holding targets.
Carebears just complain because the permit is not a license to violate the Code, and they still explode when they attempt to do so.

This part is true.

Also true.

Yes, god forbid anyone be silly in a video game.

It’s a surprise that no one wants to seriously engage you, given your incessant butthurt posting about us.

Just more carebear conspiracy thinking that prevents them from doing well in this game.

Aiko is right, you’re essentially preying on noobies by filling their heads up with ideas that will result in their explosion. Kinda not cool, bro. Jus’ sayin’.

(Aiko Danuja) #734

20 comments is a long time, I’m sure he has reflected upon those comments and is now ashamed of his past. There is no need to dredge up ancient history.

Also, with regard to the myth that CODE. goes around ganking permit holders. Just think about it for a moment. Why would we go to all the trouble of selling you a permit, promoting the permit for seven years, making a big deal about the permit, and then gank you just for lulz? We want our citizens to be happy and productive, paying their taxes and wearing their permit with pride. We reserve the best mining spots for our VIPs. Just now, I had a choice between two retrievers, one with a permit and one without. One who saluted me when I entered local, and one which did not. I think you know which retriever exploded, and which one posted a big smiley face in local.

Veterans who know better should stop lying to new players, telling them that the permits aren’t real. EVE has permits and taxes. New players should know this. You can’t go mine in the Delve unless you pay rent. High security space is no different, except with higher security. Those asteroid belts are claimed, and the laws are enforced vigorously. I think some people just want the noobs to get ganked, so they lie and pretend that anyone can go anywhere they like without paying any tolls. “Yah buddy, you can just roll up on that interstate and blaze it, the police won’t actually give you a ticket! When you hit that border, just barrel on through, ain’t nobody need no visa!”

Even if you hate James with all your evil heart, you should acknowledge to noobs that EVE is a feudal environment, with medieval overlords, arcane customs, and Byzantine mysteries. It is true that there are those who believe high-sec to be an anarcho-syndicalist hippy commune, and those who believe staunchly in the Old Order. However, only an ignorant fool would ignore the fact that the New Order is very serious about its own claim to the region. If CODE. is engaged in some kind of elite roleplay, you might want to roleplay a little yourself, and try kneeling in submission before the Supreme Lord Protector and High King of the Realm, James 315, the First of His Name, Bishop of Halaima, the Conqueror of Kamio and Landlord of the Delve, CEO of the Caldari Navy, Emperor of Amarr and Ammatar, President of Minmatar, Prime Minister of Gallente, Khanid of Khanids, the Bob of Bob, Baron of Hek, Chancellor of the Lawton School of Space Law, and Chief Financial Officer of Currin Trading.

Praise be unto Him!

(Galaxy Pig) #735

One minor correction:
James 315 is the President* of the Minmatar. It is a republic, after all.

All the rest is highly accurate.

Praise James 315, long may he reign.

(Aiko Danuja) #736

I failed my civics class. :frowning:

(Galaxy Pig) #737

It’s okay, you know who the Supreme Protector of Highsec is, and that’s all that counts. :wink:

(Aiko Danuja) #738

When I flunked out of Hedion University, Khanid told me to seek out James, and beg for his forgiveness. I traveled to Hek, and we met at a local coffeeshop, where he graciously offered to buy me an espresso. He sternly inquired, “I hear you didn’t do so well in school, rejected by EVE University and cast aside from Hedion. Why?” Meekly, I told him how I was absent from most of my classes, and bored out of my mind, always off isk doubling in Jita. I asked, “Why do the miners hate the poor defenseless Guristas refugees? How come they never talk about that in school?” He laughed, and said if I care so much about the hapless Guristas, then I should consider investing 10 million isk in his charity fund.

When I returned home, Khanid was most pleased.

(little bo) #739

I don’t think its fair to new players when in high sec to get ganked so easy - a Tornado with 629 dps drop most things - ok ill lose ship to CONCORD but that 3b cargo = good trade :slight_smile: this would be a solo effort.

With numbers going down on players even high sec is a bore - i flew a Tyran into null lol left for 3 days just for fun and to see how easy it is.
So so many dead corp’s around in null, why hhmmm becuse it’s a bore and little worth a new players time.

new player should fly what he/she can afford to lose or it’s a part of eve welcome to eve, really is this what the game needs over exploitation ?

500 plex worth 1.7b there is so much less circulation as the price of plex keeps inflating = less ppl buying plex with the $ = less profit for ccp ? wounder what happens next, are we getting the pic yet?

I don’t think ganking should stop but i do think CONCORD to be quicker of the mark at the gates if player warps in at 0, or remove CONCORD as whats the point if they can control , if you auto pilot then your asking to be ganked.

solo ganking so easy even as an alpha to fund atl’s and omega way way to easy .

(Aiko Danuja) #740

Maybe CONCORD should start ganking miners? Then the bots could play against the bots, and none of us would have even to log in.

(NotTheSmartestCookie) #741

Will nobody think of the poor newbies with 3b in cargo! Hint: a mining permit is only 10m and covers a whole year of CODE compliant highsec activities.

(Aiko Danuja) #742

Poor Gila noob was so close to completing the level 4 mining tutorial, when he got an escalation that earlier missions didn’t prepare him for. :frowning:

(Solstice Projekt) #743

Holy ■■■■ that made me laugh!

(Solstice Projekt) #744

Why is it pretty much always semi-illiterate people who post nonsense like this?

(Aiko Danuja) #745

It’s a corollary of the Dunning-Kruger effect. Since the idjit believes they are better than others, when confronted by evidence that someone else is doing better, the obvious conclusion is that the other person is either cheating or exploiting.

(Lycannis SilvaNegra) #746

Well I would agree with that…

(Lycannis SilvaNegra) #747

ROFL* that’s what is behind the whole operation of code. “Racketeering” hidden by semi-religious bull**** and unlike racketeering in RL you will not get any protection but you will be ganked anyways, sometimes by CODE and sometimes by others…

(Lycannis SilvaNegra) #748

Well, some have a bucket beneath the table…

(Aiko Danuja) #749

Wow, racketeering in real life sounds like a great deal! I’m gonna go pay someone a little protection money right now!