Gate Recovery Operations and Operation Beachhead

Hello to all, it has been noted in the recent events pertaining to lore and gates. I wanted to make known an interesting and unusual opportunity to alter the landscape drastically in unique ways in EVE Online.

I went on a little Triglavian forward recon operation and did some research on the numbers of disabled gates in Pochven. And then correlated their positions on the map.

After the invasion 27 systems were “Liberated/Stolen/Snatched” into Pochven. However, though if one looks on the table of how many gates were disabled. Nearly 51 gates were shut down. However, I shall point out only 49 are able to be rebooted and redirected in Empire Space. Which could bolster the movement and connections within the four empires. Besides the New Gates being built by the Empires.

Here are the Systems and their Disrupted Gates.

  • Nalvula- 5 Gates - Jan/Hakonen/Taisey/Otsasai/Vuorrassi
  • Otela- 2 Gates- Poinen/Josameto
  • Ignebaener- 2 Gates- Attyn/Lisabaetanne
  • Komo- 2 Gates- Oichiya/Ahynada
  • Sakenta- 1 Gate- Ikuchi
  • Arvasaras- 1 Gate- Vellaine
  • Kaunokka- 2 Gates - Venilen/ Yria
  • Ichoriya- 3 Gates (2 Usable for Recovery) - Uchomida/ Akidagi/ Ahtila [This is an internal Trig to Trig Disabled gate.]
  • Angymonne- 5 Gates- Scuelazyns/ Muer/ Enedore/ Averon/ Odixie
  • Vale- 1 Gate- Cat
  • Ala- 3 Gate- Ney/ Fasse/ Gratesier
  • Wirshoda- 1 Gate- Uchosi
  • Harva- 1 Gate- Charra
  • Raravoss- 4 Gates- Ekid/ Zaimeth/ Sharhelund/ Sasiekko
  • Nani- 1 Gate- Kirras
  • Urhinichi- 1 Gate- Sirppala
  • Otanuomi- 5 Gates- Vasala/ Walvalin/ Otsela/ Osaa/ Vouskiaho
  • Krirald- 4 Gates- Ansen/ Dudreda/ Arifsdald/ Arwa
  • Konola- 2 Gates- Isaziwa/ Eitu
  • Senda- 1 Gate- Shihuken
  • Ahtila- 3 Gates (2 Usable for Recovery)- Samamuni/ Onnamon/ Ichoriya [This is an internal Trig to Trig Disabled Gate]
  • Kuharah- 2 Gates- Futzchang/ Kazua
  • Tunundan- 2 Gates- Euderallen/ Kulelen
  • Home System Niarja- 3 Gates- Bahromab/ Madirmilire/ Kaaputenen
  • Home System Archee- 2 Gates- Bawilan/ Adrallezoen
  • Home System Kino- 2 Gates Erenta/ Venilen
  • Skarkon- 3 Gates- Ennur/ Mimimor/ L4X-1V [This is the only Null Gate to be disabled.] This system is special and I believe it should be reserved for a special lore event. [See Operation Beachhead further below.]

Closer examination of the locations will intrigue both CSM and CCP and playerbase. There are clusters now of unused and disconnected stargates throughout new end giving high potential for events to redirect them or reactivate them pending Operation Beachhead. This would save the Empires vast resources with redirecting various disabled and fully functional gates. And connecting up various locations between them. Low to High and to different regions with careful consideration so we don’t have a new Niarja situation.
Example you can Redirect Bahromab or Madirmilire to another location like Odixie or focus it into the Lowsec Cluster of Disabled Gates. Or you can use the Disabled Gates to connect to new systems that the Empires want to connect, or make interesting cross connections that make for new entries into those regions.

Operation Beachhead.
The Minmatar Republic is wanting to reclaim their dominance over Skarkon, or at least force the Triglavians to the negotiation table to be proven as Triglavians equals and allow access. The Republic Parliament has drawn up consideration for an operation to attempt to Bridge into Triglavian Space to allow Relief Forces to back up the Resistance Forces in Skarkon.
The foremost Scientists have taken the data from the Gate Surges in Mimimor and Ennur before their disabling and have figured out how to create a limited time bridging effect through a Star Gate. The Device can be powered for a limited time and with various ships being fielded for the relief force, they can only sustain the gate per the mass passing through before it must be shut down for repair and recharge. Prototypes have shown that the Gate Generates a highly disturbed space which makes anchoring warp disruptors and deployable structures nearly impossible.
The current debate in the Parliament is to forward base the forces in Ennur or to approach Edencom to use one of their Fortress Systems for the operation most observers suspect Teonusude. But time is of the Essence.

The outcome of Operation Beachhead will mean both Republic Fleet and Capsuleer Forces will have even more access into Pochven, and the Resistance will be relieved, and the Trigs will have to come to the Negotiating Table. If not the Republic is willing to infiltrate forces into Pochven and Clear the Disabled Gates from the Inside to Resume Services.

Skarkon is a ticklish subject since it is a Lore Bait location. But it is the only Null Sec access Gate that has been Shut down. Also its the only area where Trig WH affect Null. It might be wise just to Open either the Ennur to L4X-1V and reroute Mimor to another location. Or Mimor gets the L4X-1V reroute and Ennur reroutes elsewhere.

So I have a few different options on the table. Make Skarkon into a Beachhead for “relatively” consistent access into Pochven for a Lore Event, Use a Lore Event and the Disabled Gates are cleared from inside, but you have new tech that stabilizes and isolates these gates alone. [Increased Pochven Access and more Null and LS access in and out. But it means more Activity by Trigs and Drifters and Rogues in those regions], or Just connect up the disabled gates to other disabled Empire and Null Side Gates avoiding the issue all together.

Would this make sense in any way.

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