Give Players the Ability to Chose a Default NPC Corporation

The Brutor are defaulted to the Brutor Tribe. Makes sense. The Sebeistor are defaulted to the Sebiestor Tribe. They are Sebiestors after all. The Vherokior are defaulted to… Native Freshfoods? An ethnic grocer??

Most of the default corps besides Khanid, Brutor and Sebiestor seem out of place and random. Why aren’t they all, at the least, defaulted to something directly relevant to their Empires’ government like the three mentioned?

Would it be possible to players to be able to chose their corporation instead of some random corp name being forced upon our profile? But at the least could we just get more appropriate corps and not be defaulted to out of place corporations.

I know it doesn’t matter for many, but for people who would like to role play a little and have a backstory that ownership has been taken away. No matter what you put in a bio or say the fact remains that you are aligned with whatever default corp CCP has designated. It’s right there in plain view for anyone to see next to your name and photo. So if I join a player corporation and leave, I become a bag boy at Native Freshfoods. Sad.


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