Glucose psychosis

“My sugar is stable, I am not” Thats everyone sometimes.


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Eat, drink and live moderately. Take meds/advice if you need it. Stop working.

That can work too. :sunglasses:


You’re not a doctor.

Ignore her at your own peril :slight_smile:

Ignore who?
And don’t you worry, I’ll be fine. It’s not a bit of sugar and starch that’ll bring me down.

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Imagine having such a weak metabolism that you can’t even handle sugar

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Imagine thinking sugar isn’t a drug

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Everybody needs to do jumping jacks before logging on.

What’s wrong with drugs?

Are you one of this weird keto people who gets all his calories from saturated fat and thinks that is fine because some dude on the internet said so?

Drugs arent food, and they dont belong in food. And you probably shouldnt consume drugs every day and you probably shouldnt give them to children either. But what do i know

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Sugar is not a drug though. It’s simply an easy digestible form of energy. It’s by far not the only food that tastes good and makes us crave more. Fat tastes good as well, but you don’t call it a drug do you?

It’s not sugar that is the problem, but ultra processed food that has lots of energy but no nutrients.

If you don’t understand that then you will just replace one problem you likely have with another one and in the end have the same health problems than before.


Listen, there’s folks out here losing limbs to sugar consumption it’s no joke.

There does need to be regulation to how much sugar is added to our food, In the UK there are strict rules on advertising products with high sugar content. There is way too much sugar in certain foods and the longterm effect of consuming these everyday products cause major problems…

Did you know obesity caused from sugar costs UK health services £6.5 billion a year to treat?

The cost of drug missuse costs the UK health service £500m a year

And alcohol missuse costs the UK health service £3.5 billion a year to treat.

Funny how something that is “not a drug” causes more financial and physical damage than drugs, over 10 times more financial damage actually. hope this helps.

An interesting view that many will argue with, I for one will not. What I have learned and tried over the years has shown me Drugs are actually copies of what’s already in nature. Yes, I get that drugs are needed for infection and the operating table, but from a preventative and minor/ treatable ailment perspective I find herbs do it for me.

I have a regular clove tea which works well, also did you know dentists extract eugenol from cloves, that is whats in the stuff they use to numb your gums, now i use a pinch of cloves to brush my teeth along with a hemp toothpaste, that and scraping the back of my tongue helps keep me in reasonable good health.

Have a read about cloves check what benefits it has for us and then compare it to medical drugs, I have a feeling you already know some of this.

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I guess we can’t eat fruit then by that logic


You get fat if you eat more calories than you are burning. Sure, sugar makes it easy to consume an excess amount of calories, but so does fat.

You can be lean and healthy while still eating sugar, and you can be fat and miserable while completely avoiding sugar.

Sugar is not easily digestible, fat and protein is. But even if it was, what does that have to with wether its a drug or not?

WTF, glucose can be directly absorbed, it doesn’t even have to be digested…

Yeah, no point in discussing any of this with you. Obviously you don’t have the slightest idea what you are talking about.

Clearly you never heard of diabetes. Why is that a thing if sugar is so easy to digest?

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You’re actually right, sugar is not easy to digest which is fact. If one can’t produce the insulin needed to deal with the sugar then you have a major problem that could literally result in death.

They tell all of these athletes to have a high carb and high glucose diet, this is wrong as it is causing the healthiest of us to die.

All off this info is available if anyone else would like to look for it.

Personally, I have no idea how we deal with 9.5 teaspoons of sweetner (corn syrup sugar) in fizzy drinks, Normally I only put 2 teaspoons in my tea and that seems too sweet at times.

Part of the problem is some sugars are made instead of harvested, we should all know by know anything with too much prosessing isn’t good for us.

You know me I’m the documentary man, have a look at this sugar doc;

A few minutes into the documentary myself; the people making our food products have absolutely no clue what they are doing and their goal is cost and profit not health and wellness. if you follow the trail most things eventually lead back to money.

Did you all see the WHO recommendation of sugar intake for men women and children? Now take those facts and compare them to the amount of sugar in the typical daily food you yourself eat.

Leading a healthy lifestyle won’t prevent you from becoming sick, or from dying.

From the physical ailments mentioned, above, we in the fabled West seem to have moved to a laser-focussed obsession with mental illness - with the same entirely predictable results: increased stress, guilt and anguish (and the buying of products/adopting of regimes calculated to keep commercial purveyors of ‘lifestyle-enhancing’ quasi-medical quack products and podcasts, in business).

It is a given that not everyone will take (or be able to take) reasonable care of their health. That’s why our NHS in Britain exists. That will not change. Get over it.

By all means, allow accredited sources to publish and disseminate information for those who wish/need to access it, but for heaven’s sake stop badgering people. it reeks of condescension.

You might need to read more and notice when facts are present,

Any village in any country where their primary source of food is Fish never suffer mental illness, this is actually a fact. so we just need to use our dicernment to understand what’s going on and try to ignore the crap that you speak of.

Once you start investigating you will find that herbs and simple vitamins play a big part in keeping our brains chemically balanced,

I do spend a lot of time reading understanding and trying some of what I read with good results, due to this I can spot these quack producks from a mile away simply because I am armed with knowledge.

You’re free to leave this thread anytime.