Mental Health Issues

If you have mental health issues (examples include mental breakdown, being a psychopath, sociopath, etc.) comment below. I have issues: Mental breakdown, psychopath. What’s yours?

Spies or intelligence in enemy territory have to use skills to “fit in” with adverse systems and conflicting systems.
They would otherwise suffer from this or be with this result to various degree, level and so on, from least to greatest.

That can also be more complicated if with the task of spreading dissent between those lines.


Nobody in their right mind would post a response to this on their main, myself included. Anyways Bipolar type 2 and extremely mild autism, along with an anxiety disorder.



An ironic thing to say, since you would be making a post about not being in your right mind :thinking:

This is my main and I am not ashamed to say I have ptsd, and with it anxiety. But then I would never claim to be in my right mind, or even speculate as to where my right mind got off to. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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/Star_Wars_quote: Ironic…

What does star wars have to do with it?

Nothing, I am just a Star Wars fanatic.

Ah, I like Star Wars but am not a huge fan. I always preferred Star Trek myself, but that is just a matter of choice.

I like most things with spaceships in it :rofl:

If you have a left mind, you probably have a right mind.

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I may have a left mind with a reversed left mind attached.

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Multiple Internet Personality Disorder - The individual’s personality and behavior varies widely, depends on which site or forum he is posting on, and which handle/alt he is posting with. The individual does not control this and usually is not consciously cognizant of it.

Philosophizing/Lecturing While Intoxicated Disorder - Self-explanatory.


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