Going red on HP, don't fear it

As a long time shield doctrine pilot I use to get nervous the more red the indicator got, this year I trained up Armor and now it doesn’t bother me as much even hitting structure from time to time, the point I guess I’m trying to make is fighting (PVE), into structure shouldn’t scare you, embrace the red and enjoy the fun.

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Sorry, did you just say that PvE can be fun? Can I have some of the drugs you are on?

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It can, but the more I got into the red the more I enjoyed it, less scary because that fear of ship loss loses it’s power and the thirst for a good smack down becomes more enjoyable, ultimately leading into PVP as it gets harder for that feeling you get by overcoming.


PvE isn’t fighting.


Your right of course, from your prospective, for other’s it is.


Well, those people aren’t fighters.
They don’t know what a fight is.
It’s not a matter of opinion.

A fight is a fight.
PvE clearly isn’t a fight.
Some forms of PvP aren’t fights either.
Sometimes it’s a slaughter. A slaughter isn’t a fight.

If you don’t understand the difference,
then I suggest you get into a fight.

It’s like an accountant saying he’s doing complex math.
He isn’t. His opinion is irrelevant.


If you’re going into hull in PvE, that’s usually a sign that your fit is bad or your tank is insufficient for the task.


I couldn’t agree more.

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I’m glad you agree that the opinions of people who believe that PvE is fighting is irrelevant
and let’s hope that they get to learn what an actual fight is instead of being perpetually
trapped in a bubble of self delusion.


I never did until I fit a brawl fit blaster and now just go in no matter the amount of NPC’s and I did post elsewhere that when “structure” happens it is usually a high DPS mission, most times it never happens, but I’m still using a T-1 fit for weapons so those high DPS missions sometimes last longer then it should, over time that will work itself out.

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And that is the point of the post, to get people use to getting red and fearing ship loss, I know it’s hard for you to actually understand fully the reason for the post, there is a difference of shoving someone (who is less inclined), then easing them into it, but if you can only drop that attitude you can then try to help and value other’s rather then always pointing to “flaws” that you believe because it doesn’t fit the dogma you push.

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I don’t even know what you’re talking about.

All I’m saying is that PvE isn’t fighting and that anyone who claims otherwise never has been in a fight, ever. The rest is just happening in your head. This nonsense about “agenda” … holy ■■■■, what do you think are you achieving with posting here?

Neither “New Eden”, nor the rest of the world,
give a ■■■■ about what’s written on the forums.

You mean well. Sure! Hey! That’s great! I’d totally believe it,
if it wasn’t just a worthless, irrelevant post in a thread that’ll be gone in a week,
never to be seen again.

If you want to make a difference make it ingame.
The forums offer no platform for that. At all.
Use local, like all the other cool content creating people!

Tell the world about your thoughts!
The in-game world, where it matters!
Here, on the forums, it doesn’t.

And … you people are taking yourself waaaayyyy too seriously.


I don’t know about this, I used to not fear ship loss, and I was losing so many ships that I would lose isk running missions. Now that I’ve STARTED to fear the red, I’m warping out more timely- and losing fewer ships. PvE is finally profitable for me… well, almost.

Here’s a fun fact.
If your fit is bad to begin with, it doesn’t matter how “over time” it goes. Unless you improve it, that bad fit will still be bad the next time you use it.


That sentence at the end of that rant was fantastic. Thanks rofl :smiley:


Going into hull isn’t a problem, if you’re in the right ship, with the right fit.

It requires good skills, knowing exactly what you’re doing, and a Gallente space canoe though.

Not for the fainthearted by any means.

It wasn’t even a rant!
Everything I wrote was actually spot on!

Seriously, people on this forum are literally out of their ■■■■■■■ minds!


In the grand scheme that’s the way of the universe isn’t it, worthless to you is not worthless to someone else, to make everything revolve around oneself or “their” beliefs, kinda the reason we have so much strife in this world.

The forum is for ideals, to share, to debate, to involve oneself which is why there are many parts of the forum for different subject including a “general” to be more open for game related posts.

We can go on forever, without trying to forum bash you or anyone else we have come full circle, your opinion is the only one that matters to you, please just don’t bother with my posts and post something that others will read and they can decide for themselves to adopt it or not, good luck in life if you can’t see why you are always in conflict.


Man … what you think they should be for …
… and what’s actual reality …
… are two completely different things.

No, I actually don’t give a ■■■■ about my opinion either. That’s what differentiates me from most others, who can’t let go of their ■■■■■■■■. You can call it an opinion to claim that PvE is not fighting, but anyone who actually does fights will tell you that PvE definitely isn’t fighting.

Just like Suicide Ganking isn’t fighting. It’s a slaughter.
PvE is more of a slaughter as well. Definitely not fighting.
Especially not against NPCs.

We shouldn’t just accept nonsense like this,
despite you wanting to go the ■■■■■■■■ “we need to accept opinions” route.

No, thank you. That’s how you end up with flat-earthers.

I really wish I knew why people struggle with even the simplest things.

Are we really talking about this?

Why not instead make fun of losers who think PvE is fighting?

That’d be fun at least! Instead of uselessly throwing around endless posts
of absolutely meaningless drivel (that includes yours AND mine) achieving nothing?

My favourite mission always has been The Blockade. I think it’s the blockade. It’s where tons of battleships spawn in the distance and move closer and closer. I used to do this mission as -10, because they were in open space and thus I could warp around on grid. I think that’s not possible anymore.

You could argue that fighting incursion rats is a fight, but it’s still just against dumb NPCs. Maybe it’d be a fight if they had an AI actually worth calling an AI. I’m sure AlphaGo actually puts up a fight, btw. AlphaGo, in case you didn’t know, is the single best Go player on our planet. We know that, because AlphaGo absolutely humiliated the single best Go player on the planet and then went on playing against itself.


Btw, where do you run missions?

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Lvl 4 missions in the Hakeri system of Panorad. xD Minmatar baby, duct tape and slave rescuing from those filthy Amarr.

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