Goodbye from a player

Goodbye from a player since 2013 with other names. I am tired of the game that doesn’t keep up with other windows 10 computers that will function with CAD, and Revit programs, but crashes with EVE and development says my computers will not handle EVE… complete nonsense. Its the only program that crashes! all other mathematical graphic program that does this. Your vram calculations leak terribly.

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From one Autodesk user to another, that’s not how you quit the game, you’re supposed to give ya stuff away. All the best though o7.



Or at least trash all his stuff then biomass all his chars, otherwise just a drama queen. :wink:

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Not as much as your tear ducts.

Badum tiss

“What do you mean my 16 ton truck can’t do well on a race track, don’t you know how much stuff it can haul! Racing is dumb, I quit”.


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