Im out :)

Reason for this is the new update which seems to follow the Funcom principal, along with other previous updates… Only update worth any mention is the WH one years back

and if you ask ‘well, whats Funcom’ = company that ducked their own game to such an extent that theres like 300 die hard players left… and thats from 40k roughly

Also, way too many single players with 10-20+ toons… I got 2 myself and 1 for ice mining, that should be a limit, but maybe even thats too much…

Example: Guardians of Tranquility, chinese isk farming corp, they have live 30 players, and 288 members, all bots and all RMT

So Im done, last toon to run out of time will probably be loaded with plex cans and will make a final voyage through Uedama…

Cheers o/

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I get your point. I have five toons. All for different reasons. However, everyone likes to play in the style they like. Having multiple toons makes it easier to play the game.

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I don’t quite understand. You say the reason for your leaving is the recent update/expansion, yet you cite a list of grievances which were in existence long before the recent changes.

Is there something specific in the update which triggered your decision?


He is not happy with all the updates after the WH update.

IF CCP want him back they need to make an update like the WH update.

@Linux_Lewis I suppose it’s no use to ask you for your stuff because chances are you’re not really out but going to take some time off the game until the next major expansion.

Wel if you not gonna, I will.

@Linux_Lewis Can I have your Stuff?

If your claim was true, we would see different numbers on

And your given example doesn’t even yield the number range you stated just the paragraph before… 288/30 is 9.6 on my calculator.

Also i hope you give proof of your plex pinata by referencing to zkillboard, when you are done.

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If you really want to help the game with your departure, don’t give away our items. Destroy them yourself. Use an alt to create a hilarious killmail and let all the loot go to the ether.


But…I want his stuff

Probably you and the ganker gang might have it sooner or later:

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