Griefing ruins the game

the only thing ruining the game, are the whiners, whining about suspected griefing.

You clearly didn’t intend to lose it…or you wouldn’t be here complaining about it. So all I have to do is ask :- Does undocking with no weapons at all make it harder or easier for that ship to be lost ?

Is adding guns to a praxis going to help it win a 4v1 or just increase isk loss?

Do tell.

Wrong Attitude

I add guns to my Sigils and Miasmosi, for roleplay purposes.

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How is that the wrong attitude?

I have to maintain a bunch of structures and have constant overhead and upkeep costs.

If I throw isk away at every turn I’m going to be broke in no time

You were just bragging that you had an absolute ISK faucet and that we were all poors.

Now you’re saying you’re poor. Which is it :smiley:

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Was that the purpose of the warp core stab we caught you with fitted to your cat that time .:face_with_monocle:

Am I supposed to care about using warpcore stabilizers?

:question: :woman_shrugging: :grey_question:

No idea why you keep mentioning this - I do it all the time.

Am I supposed to be ashamed or something?

I guess it would suck if your gameplay involves wasting hours orbiting a gate, waiting to warp disrupt me, and then it turns out I routinely fit stabilizers.

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Stabs have always been looked down on , I believe even James 315 felt the same and anyone fitted one should be ganked.

Pulling you out of fleets is fun but like you said it’s time consuming so we only do it now and then. Training on a instant locker is a good skill to have for our new guys and we all need to keep the skill , just a shame you avoid our hopeless ineffective camps :blush:

Am I supposed to care?

Did you actually think I care?

I use warpcore stabilizers all the time.

The absolute absurdity of an antiganker trying to lecture me about James 315.


Yah, just a shame for you!

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Literally just run a slasher with sebos if you want to instant tackle.

Sometimes I’m convinced you guys don’t know how to PvP.


We do :joy:

Run instant lock slashers , probably lose more of them than any other ship but we have a lot and they have one purpose to stop people warping and they die , new players train in them , it’s good to get used to dying in cheap ships

What if you had to do more than just click on someone’s name and press F1?

*Followed by walls of text…

Now you undertstand why DSTs must die. they have 2 by default. I knew you would come round to our way of thinking.

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You could just turn off the game and do something productive…

It’s not like they were holding YOU hostage.

–Gadget suggest that this is the perfect time to do house chores

Huh. Its almost like you’re trolling and want to get the thread locked.

The exact thing you complained about :smiley: