Maybe it sounds weard, but im responsible for what hapened in Eve Universe in 14 september 2017 year. It was quite unusual and unique, but I, as a Guarantor of Universe entered this realm. All of this was because of GigX and the Judge actions. Many things hapened since then. From now on im Guarantor of Eve online Universe. You can email me at Mirage 221 for any questions.


He said to email him at Mirage 221. Can’t you read? Gosh.



Opps misspelled. Damn phone.

Well, since Eve Online is quite unique, i can tell you that i guarantee money for example: shoting down opponent and receiveing a money for this after a week. Quite unique money and hard to receive. You can aquire this type of money in some banks.

Again, Mayhew has a problem with words like “if”, “can” and “or”

Can’t you read? Gosh.

I know you cant spell your own name, but really.

Thanks, but we already have a service called insurance and its enough of ISK printing for now.
/closes CQ door


He’s tryna murk people, dummy. You have to keep it hush hush. This is a delicate and secretive matter. You can’t just expect him to clarify. You can’t just expect him to announce it on some public forum . . . oh, wait . . .

P.S. Whoever calls me “Mayhew” the most in your group is a psychopath and I would highly recommend you disassociate yourself from him/her immediately. Not joking. Dead serious. Look around. One of you is not like the others.

Just kidding. :neutral_face:

Your handmashing of the keyboard is especially nonsensical tonight.


Things like this happen if you write a text, then use google translate to translate it to french, then to german, then russian and back to english again.

It will make zero sens anymore. Just like the op.


I think he’s tryin’ to double our ISKs.


Sure… why not.

–Gadget trusts Nigerian Royalty.


If your talking about Nigerian Royality from Avengers, then its not his buisness. I could always arrange a meeting with this type of the world, where you earn money for achievements that can be transfered into bank account, but he would be in a very very bad mood.

Glory to Zamunda!


Etherna Victoria Atreides

Alex Grissom was much better. 2/10

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What ? Atreides got rights to rule entire galaxy. They are Premier League. You mix tiers, those upper with planetary.

Understand with violet fish happens flopping in iridescent waveform dynamics.

Im propably too stupid to understand this. I recognize something, but its propably bad idea.