Having an incentive to play, even when you cannot play reliably

I’m i a null sec corp, and it’s awesome. The infrastucture buy back and everything.

My only problem with the game itself lies somewhat in the nature of an MMO.
Many times I have to suddently just go away due to family and RL problems. So I’m unsure about doing “dangerous” activities, like exploring, fleets, PVP, events organized by corp (pretty much everything). I cannot pause, so I tend to avoid that in fear of having to go away.
Maybe the question is idiotic and you would just answer “Sort out your life, simple” (cannot blame you): how can I solve this situation? Is there any way I can ACTIVELY play even if I’m not a “realiable” player, given the nature of an MMO?

My second problem is that I have no incentive to play.
I have the objetive of leveling up -> Just wait = Passive
I want to make a decent income for now just to go on -> PI = passive, again.
i want to tain into a rorqual to make a lot of money (legit personal objective) and (not necessairly but eventually) PLEX my account -> set up the skill queque for a year and wait = passive… again
Basically, plays itself automatically, or better “passive”. It removes the grind, which is a huge part (like or not) of an MMO with procedurally generated content.
But I want to be part of the game, and not just de facto watch the game playing itself (pretty much my situation).
The corp I work for also creates a lot of nice events, but it’s in my late evening, and 99% of the times I have to hang out with my sweet half.

How can I enjoy the game ACTIVELY, without destrying my real life or relationship? :smiley:

Or maybe the game it’s just not for me…


Not all activities require you to sit in longer sessions. For example, mining can be done semi-afk or exploration you use cloaks, so you can always just cloak up when you need to do some IRL stuff.

But honestly, you just need to try stuff out and figure out what you enjoy doing yourself. This mentality of “I need to PLEX my account as fast and as efficient as possible” will leave you burned out quickly, since you don’t try to enjoy the game, but instead just grind for that PLEX.

As a sandbox, the incentive to play is whatever you decide it to be. The game doesn’t feed you a specific objective. You are free to pursue whatever you want within the context of the game.

Since you haven’t mentioned anything about what you find interesting in the game (except that you want to earn ISK), then it’s kinda hard to figure out what activities you might find interesting.

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I had the same problem once, even my wife was angry with me for getting up early to check my Skills and my mining, maybe the game is only for addicted addicts like when I was single or maybe I do not know how to manage my two lives accordingly.c7be464bab3e1475d5626371b7ca66d0

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I don’t care about PLEXing as a priority.
One my objectives is be able to fly a rorqual to get an excellent income. If I can Plex, no problems. if I can’t Plex, I’ll just pay.

And about what I like, anything that involves management or PVP.

So you will answer “Industry” -> Passive once again

PVP. If I have to log off in the middle of a fight, what do I do? Tell the guy you won, gotta go afk?

If you want to fly a Rorqual, then I suppose you like mining. Then you should probably look into mining.

Yeah, industry is “passive”, except the part where you have to research what actually sells and what brings in decent margins. But yes, it is less of a video game and more spreadsheet number crunching. But if that is what you enjoy doing, I don’t see why you shouldn’t pursue that.

As for PvP, no there is no pause button as it is a MMO. So yeah, if you have to run during a PvP session, you can dock up if you not engaged, but if you engaged then you probably dead.

Obviously, you can do both PvP and PvE. You don’t need to limit yourself to any. Maybe try solo PvP and see how it goes. It is easier to solo PvP if you have constant interruptions, compared to a fleet where the fleet will just move on without you.

She woke up late in the night, extracted all his skills, sold all his possessions and sent ISK to random dude… Than she uninstalled Eve, glue all his game CD-ies and cut the ethernet cable… With gently smile she came back to his bed and happily fall asleep. She still has had 3 hours of her life ahead…

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A lovely subtle way to tell me “this game is probably not for you”, right? :smirk:

If you were talking to me, then no?

Obviously, I don’t know your IRL situation, so I don’t know how often these interruptions are or how much time you actually play the game. But this game can be played on a “casual” level. However, the game will not spoon feed you content. You will have to go out there and discover that yourself.

Was replying to erg cz.

Yeah, interruptions are frequent,btw
and I imagine that if I play on casual I won’t have much fun or progress. The only casual thing this game gives you is either agents (repetitive and boring) or FW. Don’t know about faction warfare, but many say it’s pretty useless and broken

Playing 2 hours a week (example), 8 hours a month = 2$ per our. Not very convenient

Since I know mostly about PvP. I’d say try out solo PvP or cloaky hunting.

With solo PvP you have full control over your own time. I’ve roamed lowsec as a solo pirate most of my eve career and lowsec is filled with stations you can just dock up in if you need to go (Obviously, you need to be at the keyboard when you engaged, but solo engagements don’t take very long). The same can be said about cloaky hunting in something like a Stratios. Since you cloaky, whenever you need to go you just cloak up.

The stratios was just an example. Since you new, you might not have money for that. But it can still be done in something like a stealth bomber, your engagement profile is just smaller.

It’s possible to play very adhoc and casual … however to get to a setup giving you that option takes some time. The setup for me looks like, that I live in Perimeter (highsec, near Jita) and most times just fool around when online nowadays.

… doing event sites every month, which needs almost no commitment, just a couple of minutes per site with the right setup (Loki, Macharial)

… looking for wormhole chains to lowsec in the nearby systems to roam a bit for solo PvP and DED sites (Loki), you can dock in NPC stations if you have to stop

… going for a relic exploration run to nullsec if Thera holes are available (Ares). This needs some hours commitment, though you can make breaks by cloaking up in system

… submit some industry jobs, if profits look good (Prowler, Mastodon, Fenrir)

… and finally take care about my market orders in Jita and Amarr, while frequenting some chats and forum.

Once or twice a week I join an NPSI public fleet with a 2-3h commitment (I can fly almost every subcap with near max skills), which can be planned. I pay my single account with cash, but have enough ISK to not worry about any losses (made from manufacturing and market speculation in the last 2 years).


I find myself sitting in the belt for what time allows specifically for this. If I have to quit I just recall drones and warp home.

@Tipa_Riot gives some very good options. For PvP, if your alliance is one of the big new player ones, most fleets will have a ‘newbie’ wing of tackle frigates or suchlike. When I face the same issues as you describe, I will usually fly alongside these, so if I’m called away, I lose a Rifter or some such at most. The key thing is not to take on a responsibility in a fleet that would let your friends down.

Similarly, cheap frigate/destroyer action as a pirate or faction warrior in lowsec is an ideal option. You can find fights reasonably easily, but if you have to go and lose the ship, who cares.

However, it may simply be that your lifestyle doesn’t suit a MMO like EvE, which does tend overall to require a lot of time investment to really enjoy. If you aren’t having fun or feeling that you have to ‘force’ yourself into a play style, there’s lots of other games.


I have 2 modes of play. One is when I can and want to commit to the game, I’ll log in a character that mostly does solo pvp, but you can substitute that with fleet stuff or whatever you want.

The other mode is my chill mode, when I can’t commit (because I can be called away or KNOW I won’t have much time) or don’t WANT to commit. Then I’ll log in a character like this one who really only does High sec space combat exploration, High sec means I can drop it pretty much any second I want or need to, it still makes good income (200-500 mil per session and generally close to 500, I’ve had 1 bil+ days, and yes this is in high sec only) and I very much enjoy doing it, also because it allows me to chat with others so i mostly hang in Rookie channel helping newbies.

So for you I’d probably suggest to make a second character which you then have to train up (doesn’t have to be long), drop it outside of null sec or WH space. This means you’re away from dangerous space that forces you to commit and it also means you’re away from the “pressure” and business of your alliance.

And then go do something that you actually enjoy doing, so it’s active but not demanding (so not more PI nonsense for instance, that isn’t exactly “playing”) while not being critical to you. You might even make a pvp alt and do low sec pvp fit with, only flying cheapo frigates. If you lose one because you had to go afk, you lost 3 mil… who cares.

TL;DR make an alt that isn’t in your main corp or alliance (or perhaps any corp), do enjoyable stuff on it that if it goes wrong doesn’t really matter to you.

How can you do that? What kind of sites do you run and what fit? :slight_smile:

FW seems interesting for my needs… for now. WIll try it with an alt

Maybe… and I say maybe… faction warfare can fulfill my fast need for blood without being bored to much or risking my “life”. The progression gives also some satisfaction :smiley:
I say this after some research and “deep thinking”

I’ve used many ships for it. From Navy omens, Phantasms, Munins, Cerberus, just to see how well they’d do. Best for this is a Sentry ishtar or Sentry stratios. A gila isn’t so great for it due to travel time on medium drones. You can start doing it just fine in a basic destroyer although you can’t do all sites then but you have to get used to it anyway. I made an alpha alt that use a Navy Omen for it and it works out just fine.

The trick is to optimise: ONLY go for very specific sites (DED and Unrated, and then only the main faction. Not drone sites and certainly not anoms), ONLY go for the main loot and not waste time with normal loot or salvage crap.

And then it’s a case of finding good systems for it that on average have a high chance of spawning a site than others (bookmark every site you find, after a while you’ll notice how some are better than others). rom there you start to optimise more: get better/faster at scanning, get better/faster at completing the sites.

Ship wise just a combat destroyer with the right damage types and resists that can do lvl 1.5 missions (that’s kinda how hard the easy sites are), and simply at a core probe launcher to it even if that means having to drop a turret or missile launcher.

A cruiser that can do the more difficult sites needs the following stats: Have a 300+ hp/s tank vs the faction type of choice, be able to do damage at 50km, preferably more than 400 dps and obviously using the right damage types.

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Those are found in the agency, right?