Help Make EVE Beautiful

Amarr are now broke and have no budget to keep the lights on and clean their stations.


At first, you fall in love and feel confident.
Then you start to see the lies. Distrust and cynism build up.

I’m only 6 months into the game, and I already saw too much feedback threads where feedbacks are ignored. I’ve lost confidence, and I now start to think the feedback threads are more like PR stunts.

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You can’t let the negative people in here bring you down. There are clownshoes in here and on reddit that are never ever happy with anything.

A lot of changes were made based on player feedback from when this was first on Sisi.

Look, I’ve been on Sisi early on to test this one. Go back in this thread to see my inputs (or not, it’s not that important after all). I never go on Reddit or elsewhere. I really want this game to be fun, else I wouldn’t be here and care. You really think people who are not bowing down to everything CCP do are haters? That would be dumb to think so.

I remember one guy only (in this thread) reporting on something that was fixed soon after (about a structure and the light from the star on it if I remember correctly). Good they could fix an “issue”. As for what people reported/feedback as “feeling”, it feels like what we reported was just what the devs wanted to read, as a confirmation that we actually see what they intended. Like the gas clouds in some systems being so bright and all over the place, burning the eyes and not being able to see anything you do. I noticed that in rookie system (Clellinon (Gallente), and Jouvulen and Akiainavas (Caldari)). Could be just a trick to have the noobs to finish their career missions asap and get out of these system to go do something else. Or the dark greenish moldy Amarr hangar, for example was likely very intentional. Maybe, in an upcoming update, on Amarr Day maybe, we’ll have some new lore introducing the fact that with the age of scarcity and the lack of slaves as they freed themselves, the Amarr empire can’t pay the bills, nor have the workforce to maintain their stations. Who knows! Maybe the majority of players love the new green of Amarr stations. Good if that’s the case.

But “a lot of changes were made” ? Maybe on another topic.

P.-S. : My personal and lone input is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. I don’t value my thoughts to be the holly grail of anything. I don’t care if my personal feedback are disregarded, when there are over 20k other players active on this game (I don’t know, just a number I’m throwing here). My previous comment about “distrust and cynism build up” was a combination of personal experience and observation in this thread by other players who also expressed their views, and other threads for previous updates in the last few months.

This is similar with another MMO I’m playing. I was very enthousiastic, border line fanboy, for almost 2 years, until it hit me in the face that, some of the updates introducing useless changes that I didn’t like, or new bugs that break the game, all were reported massively in the forum feedback threads from the test server, and the devs just released the update as is. Again, distrust builds up over time. Its building up faster for me on this game, maybe because I’m paying more attention to what people report on the feedback threads, because of all that happen with the other game.

yes 2021, gtx 2060-3060 to look into this darkness, with blurry textures that also tremble. with a visibility of 10 meters, and then everything is in fog …

it’s so disgusting

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f–k my eyes


Be carefull to not say anything negative about the game and any change that is introduced by CCP. Else the mob of woke fanboys will do a sermon to shut you down.

Look at fanboys with a sarcastic grin…

I look at the “Help make Eve Beautiful” as a want in the game, not a need. If anything is done to improve the visualization to me that is great. If not, I was playing the game before and enjoy the game after.

For sure a lot of whine in this thread, I am making up platters of cheese to go with that wine don’t worry. No you don’t get to pick, it will come out free and you get what you get, before more wine starts flowing here.

If the game was great to you before, it still is today. If something like this, a side project to simply make the game visually better is a deal-breaker, I would argue the fact you probably were already looking for an excuse to whine well before making Eve Beautiful started.



I am a very very visual person, and I admit I was really skeptical about this update. I didn’t like the early Sisi examples. I was worried that New Eden would look less terrifying and the contrasts would interfere with my elite PvP. (AKA, I feed :grin:)

But now, I’m stoked. This update is somehow more beautiful and more spooky. It’s really turned out to be quite subtle but powerful. Whomever did the tuning on this should get a high five.