Hey Mining chat and associates!

Hey all! I just wanted to say goodbye, we all had some good times over the years!

It’s that time to move on now. Sadly it just doesn’t feel the same anymore, for reasons I bet you all understand given the current state of the place in the last few months. I have just uninstalled eve and I will not be returning this time. And no you can’t have my stuff meme, I gave most of it to aphunmc etc through another alt anyway, so hit him up if you want to scab lol.

I just wanted to let you all know that I really did appreciate our time together over the years. I tend to be a bit of a introvert irl and you folks really helped keep me company, you made me feel like I belonged to a circle of casual friends I could shoot the breeze with. I was non committal to getting involved with a corp, so the casual nature of mining chat really helped fill the social void and gave me people to chat with, I really appreciate that. But it’s really not the same anymore aye, mining chat regulars will get what I mean.

We had some great laughs and drama over the years, and I like to think we called out people that needed to get called out on like any good social circle. I found this place a bit like your local dive bar, a place to go and talk rubbish, but sadly that place really feels gone now. I had loads of great times I will cherish and so many of you are wonderful people and really appreciate the company, I wish you all the best. But it’s time for a fresh break for me. Shout out to the recent regulars: 71350, Spitama, Tenla, Aphunmc, ImmortalAzure, Cavemanofthefuture, Aiko, Sirya, George Harrison, Adathanael, Varria, Zander Kuamato, Fairytail Omaratis, Peter Muller, Helios Czech and too many other cool cats I’m forgetting to name!

Peace dudes and dudettes! love ya all heaps, see ya in the next life! xx


werent you quitting a couple weeks ago too?
also, screw you for excluding me from the list but putting immortalazure on it.

Mining Chat?

Who cares.

I’m going to say miners.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Yep. Since moderation, mining chat has not been the same.

I’ve been half debating starting our own channel but tbh it prob won’t be the same.

jessax has a habit of telling everyone in mining chat that he’s quitting. first forum post, sure, but not the first time they’ve claimed to quit eve

people have made a channel already. you’d know that if you actually came into mining chat.

this isnt an out of pod experience. his complaints are due to in-game situations, which ccp did. that makes it an in-pod situation.

LOL I’m in there. Just haven’t participated much as its changed.

We’ve talked before ROFL.

which alt is yours?

None LOL. This is literally my only char.

I do miss the actual discussions. The other stuff, not so much.

Although it did give me a good glimpse into the darkness of the human heart :smiley:

come more often. you’ll get a real glimpse of the darkest humanity has to offer.

I’ve poked in now and again.

Tisn’t the same.

We care when Miners leave, enjoy your happy break and have a safe return.

Before you leave though would you be so kind as to share with us your Mining Leger?

There had been some rather interesting Miners who happen to come and leave New Eden.

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