Hey you! Yes you . Stop that !


make i quit topics , no one cares , just quit , o/ , remember to give your stuff to someone

pay the code, if you are a noob code can be very scaaaary , don’t pay them , they work by coercing noobs to give them money and tears, DONT , train to a skiff ASAP , tell them to gtfo , show this permit

turn eve into a job , mitans is a smart guy , he had a great idea , lets turn null sec in a more secure place than hight sec , lets offer many services like security , structures , jump bridges , refunds , transport , loot buying , and lets accept any scrub that came to us , the only thing we will demand back is some paps and taxes , he is the best meta game player in the game , he created the modern null sec experience in eve . And you know what its like ? Its like real life , you have a boss , you pay taxes , you have no freedom , you have to do what the people in charge think you have to do , you are a cog in a big machine . Eve is a cruel anarchic place , if eve was rl it would be terrible ,because you would leave your home , be ganked , and DIE , 4 ever , gone . But EVE is a video game, we are the immortals . Why do you want money? Why do you want safety ? Why do you want fake skills ? Why do you want a job? Be wild . Be free . Adopt the punk anarchic FU mentality . You are not being bad because of it , its just the RP part of the MMORPG . The new meta is to have fun . Do everything you want . Take what you want… Sounds nice eh?

BLING your ship with real money. In eve bigger is not better . NEVER buy a expensive ship wen you are not a veteran player . You will lose it ,you will cry , you will do i quit topics , DONT . Money don’t grow in trees . Don’t trow your money away . Every size of ship is useful for something in eve . Learn to love the frigates , the destroyers , the t1 cruisers , the t1 bcs . STOP dreaming about dreads , supers , titans , they are for sov holders not for you , free man . Tier 2 is the way to go most of the time , train your core skils , stop trying to resolve everything with isk . If you are a very good pve player , them bling your ship , but take care, i know guys that make 20 bil a month doing pve , they have expensive ships , but they are not noobs , don’t fly what you cannot afford to loose .

Ask for more security , moderation , “consent” pvp . Eve is special because there is risk and reward , there is a lot of games were you cannot loose. Eve is not one of them , eve is a niche game. You “consent” to pvp wen you click undock . Thats the ethos of the game . The fun come from the risk .The freedom comes from the risk . There is no safety net , there is few invisible walls , there is "emergent gameplay " . You don’t want your dystopia to be polite BS . HTFU

well thats all folks . Sry for the lack of polish in my english and for the rant topic, but i think this is good info. If possible say other things people should stop doing in eve, try to come from a helping mentality even if is kinda ranty like mine was o7


Mittens was basically Goliath II from that “Bible Stories” episode of The Simpsons.

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Theres the 8 golden rules of eve.

Is this the 100 commandments of eve?

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Not sure about new but agree with the sentiment.


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Is this a manifesto?

Thou shalt shed no tears, lest ye be mocked.

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But what if it’s a terrible day for rain?


Looks like someone had fun in here.

This post sucks, new blood.

Shen’dralar ZeratulShen_dralar_Zeratul

This post sucks, new blood.

Welcome back, 1 yr is that to the forum or to New Eden? Share us your pilot’s story?


A game is really on its death bed the moment the fanboys refuse to take note of even the slightest part of the reality and accuse everybody of trolling and hating that smears said reality right into their faces…

Qutiing posts are the problem…not the ‘why’ or the ‘how many’…

Only the quitting posters that are just too many to take for the fanboys are the problem here…no doubt… :slight_smile:

Kill the messenger and ignore the message…it can not be what should not be…

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There are ways to go about describing the issue a capsuleer might have with changes.

How that issue is described is the moment whether it would be taken seriously or not.

killing no one bro , i quit topics existed since the dawn of online gaming , its like facebook , look at me , look at me, in my head my topic was a message of hope for those who are lost , but you can interpret as you like , have a wonderful day
i really like eve , i really have fun , i really think the cry baby mentality spoils the game, and this new generation of players are not used to a more hands off approach game , and get lost, searching for leaders to follow , totems to build etc , etc ,etc…

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Can you imagine modern gamers suddenly being forced to play 80s games? The amount of tears would flood the planet! WHY IS THIS SO HARD, THIS IS UNFAIR, WHAT DO I NEED TO DO, WHY DO I DIE AFTER ONE TOUCH, WHY CAN’T I SAVE ANYWHERE I WANT


or old arcade games :smiley:

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Carefully put my quarter in the machine. GO!!

Wait . . . I died? What happened?


And the problem is?

Adapt your game to what today gamers want…


Go with the time or go perish…

Nostalgia or ‘tradition’ will not help here.

Player count is declining for a reason and yes i KNOW that the bittervets will NEVER accept this simple fact…