Hi! :D This is a fair warning. :)

Good heavens, my character’s name on reddit?

That would ruin my life. Positively ruin it.


reddit and the forums!..lions and tiger and bears…oh my!

I think we can all agree that is an over statement.

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Im currently taking a mini vacation from game

As soon as this new influx of hisec players come in, i shall re-plex accounts and GRIEF AND SCAM AND GRIEF AND GANK AND GRIEF all of the new noobs I can.

Will send them an evemail saying they can mail you for reimbursement and that you are the reason they are getting GRIEFED AND SCAMMED AND GRIEFED AND GANKED AND GRIEFED.

Noobs are gonna cry

CAM! I thought you were banned!

This thread is like a solid gold shortbus with whipped cream on top.


As long as we’re talking about our feelingsa towards the thread. I’d say it’s like warm sweet potato pie with tons of gooey marshmallows on top.

This thread was a bitter disappointment from the first post to the one above mine.

So many carebears in here. All griefers apparently, except the OP and Keno.

Right, well that’s my cringe for today

Dang, this thread is quality. Adds extra butter “flavored” topping to buttery “flavored” popcorn…maybe rice crisps. Relevance, right here, right now, I like it.

FYI, the Alpha change isn’t until December.

I endorse this product or service.

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What about the cult named CODE, I would say the are the main reason most noobs leave the game, even if I have to pay 1 isk or not able to mine/play in my own game I paid for I would just quit the game (that’s maybe not true, 1 isk would make them look like idiots)

There is a really easy solution to folks like Code.

Tell them to fawk off and keep on with what you were doing. It’s what I do.

My corps “security check” is surviving 5 minutes with me on TS. If you somehow manage not to sustain permanent brain damage we move to phase 2.

I like the idea, it’s like mystery customer but for spaceships.

Newbros to train as defenders of the weak. Train them to razor sharpness and unleash them to bring order. This is the way of the Warrior. To harass such inexperience would embarrass us all and make the game less appealing.

Oh wait that happened when the alphas came out. Intentional?

@Blade_Darth what’s next? are you going to tell and praise about your wonderfull cult leader? sorry I offended you :thinking:

you are not going to do anything