Hi! :D This is a fair warning. :)

Quite the participation! Some of you guys don’t give a flying ■■■■ about new players!

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I am a new-old player that plans on forming something of what is left…time providing. As I’ve perhaps repeated too many times, the annexing of the mercs on the forums will affect gameplay on a positive level. Not so many newbros ragequitting with codes or blanky mercs basically making the game no fun.

You are absolutely correct, I’m glad you’re getting the idea.

Karmafleet is always recruiting.

I completely encourage helping newer players.
Everyone has something to gain from more it.

I personally believe the first thing new players should do is being introduced to grinding either it be mining or ratting to fill their own pockets, from there it can only get better.
Instead of hooking them up directly to the thrill of pvp fleets etc and the fear they eventually come to the point they have to grind like any one else anyway and they leave the game.
Also don’t send them large sums of money, they’ll loose any interest in accomplishing things them self.

The last sentence is the only actual sentence that’s not a troll:

Someones else its opinion is not necessarily a troll if you don’t agree with it lol

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That’s actually quite a weird thing to do, tbh. I wonder what kind of person does that.

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My name is Jint Hikaru and I support this message.

Nothing worse for Eve as a game, than being shitty to the noobs. They are going to be the ones increasing the player count and in turn keeping the game live.

I tip my spacehat to z0ra Berg and wish her godspeed on her mission.


Now that sounds like fun. im in.

Damn right !

Especially since a game like this one actually deserves more !


Actors, to name one group.

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eve G.I.R.L.s to name another :wink:

I’m a professional. :wink:

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Welcome back!

Thank yew! Its bean a lung time butt eye missed beanug hear and Ma sed thatt aye wud always come back sum day plus Ramona is flyying in a diffrunt gayme so i dont have to get chinees burns frum her no moar

Wanna bet?