Hi Sec

You are projecting your own issues mate.

I was talking about mining drones. Over the last few months I have mined the ore to make a Providence, a Astrahus and a Nidhoggur, I am still in process with the Nidhogger. It is taking too long for engaging game play even for someone as patient as me.

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Harvester Mining Drones. You want to min-max, use those.

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Why would I want to use harvester drones, I am talking about the base yield being too low.

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No I don’t. The Orca is just fine as is… If you find mining cumbersome and are trying to use that to justify a buff so you can avoid either teaming up with other players to work together or using alts, then you’re out of touch.

According to the Neocom app on my phone the Harvester Mining Drone pulls in 5 m3 more per cycle than the augmented mining drones.

Enjoy your mining.

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Give it 2 excavator drones.

A Rorq can mine more solo then 5 Hulks toghter.
An Orca can’t even keep up with 1 Skiff.

Orca needs a buff.

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So use a Skiff??? Oof my head.


I do use a Skiff I can’t fly an Orca :+1:

Glad we got that settled. Next thread!

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Boo hoo :cry::cry::cry:

If you want to use capitals, go to null sec.

Not to mention that null sec is safer than most high sec areas.

Remember eve’s golden saying

“Risk Vs Reward” - It took me 15 years to realise this. So get there faster sir.

I don’t enjoy mining, it is a means to an end and it is too slow in hisec. I have two accounts and I will not be able to plex multiple accounts mining in hisec, that would drive me nuts. The simple fact is that it takes too long with two accounts mining.

And I repeat, the base amount of the Orca in terms of mining drones needs to be buffed. I have a tanked Skiff with one mining upgrade and it beats the Orca even without boosts.

The Orca is actually a capital…

Seems like people cling onto that like a walking stick or a zimmer frame.


Why do people even reply to such threads ?

Dont give the shitters exposure they don’t deserve ffs, like I just did.

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There’s your mistake. Use a Covetor, or a Hulk, like a real man.


Sorry mate and I am sorry how this next sentence sounds.

If you, cannot afford to play Eve Online using IRL cash, then stick to Alpha.

You, like many others rely far to much on PLEX to keep your accounts going. If you cannot afford ore than 1 account then don’t make more than 1 account.

Also p.s lvl 4’s make more isk per day than high sec mining and the loot gives u minerals, just sayin :slight_smile:

Excavator hunters would disagree.

are mining drones, they are ore faction and cost about 600m for about a 3 m3 advantage over the augmented

I dont think it is anymore. It’s been moved in the market/item database.

It’s just the components to build it that relate to it being a capital and that may be too much of a pita to change,

Re-read that sentence and think again, I actually sub two accounts with RL money, what I am pointing out is that I am not prepared to sub multiple additional accounts via plex with the terrible yield from hisec mining.

Second thing is that I only play Eve if I have two accounts, one account makes you too much of an easy kill.

The loot reprocessing got nerfed terribly a while back, I used to do gun mining in the belts in Stain. Was fun with all the people trying to catch me, but when the reprocessing nerf hit so as to force people to actually mine, I gave up on it. But level 4’s are just boring content once you have done them a number of times, I did in the past. And don’t even get me started on Incursions…

Oh god no, that is not being a man that is being a skinny guy on the beach asking to have sand kicked in his face…

I was talking about standard mining drones, not the augmented or the harvester ones. In any case I know the difference in yield and the base yield increase I would add to the Orca would affect them too.

Until they change that I class it as a capital ship. But I get your point.

Bottom line is in all your posts there is one prevailing thing in all your responses

“I resist change and want things to stay as they are”

The Orca is not a capital, whether you wish it or not. It is not referred to as a capital and never will be. If you want to “mine” in high sec and drop Citadels in High sec that are designed for low/wh/null then don’t ask CCP to allow u to use Rorqs so u can AFK mine to make more.

Please feel free to be as offensive as you have been but this is just another whine thread of “ccp i want more money, gief me ships to do it”

Step up, work harder or stop complaining.

Apex legends is that way —> Fortnite is that way <-----

Projecting much aren’t you?

I am asking for a change that benefits hisec miners, you and people like you want things to stay as it is. I never asked for Rorquals in hisec, the OP did, something I do not support by the way, however I would like the yield of mining drones increased on the Orca.

Projecting again, and it is easy to offend the easily offended like yourself.

Oh projecting again.

No idea what you are talking about here, obviously meant something witty to you.