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I am always honest. High Sec is worth fighting for!
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I pushed the idea from the forums and buttonholed devs after hours to make the pitch. It was not my idea, just one I championed.



Glad to see another High Sec candidate running for CSM.

Having said that, I do have a few questions.

What is your viewpoint on Faction Standings pertaining to anchoring structures in High Security space?
The removal of player Corporations needing positive Empire standings has caused excessive proliferation of structures all offering the same services. The goal is to make ISK with them but due to the current amount of structures and the ease of anchoring them, that goal is very difficult for small Corps to accomplish.

What is your viewpoint on adding more content to the mission pool for solo PvE players?
Over the past couple of years CCP has put a lot of effort into creating group PvE content which has been mostly unsuccessful. I think that content would be accessed a lot more if it was scaled down and added to the mission pool for solo PvE players.

If elected to CSM, will you actively hold Q&A sessions with players via Forum threads?
Over the years there’s been very few CSM members that have interacted with the playerbase here in the Forums. Granted the CSM can’t actually direct CCP to work on specific things but they can relay the concerns of the playerbase directly to CCP, ultimately creating better relations between CCP and the playerbase.

That’s it for now, I’ll probably have some other questions later. In closing I’d like to wish you lot’s of luck and much success in being elected to CSM.



A question from me as well,

what are your thoughts about the increased dangers all new and old player face in highsec now.
Do you think it is beneficial to EVE Online to spawn-kill everything in highsec to warrant a renaming of highsec to deadspace?

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Thank you for stopping by! :slight_smile:

Having spent tedious hours grinding faction standings on the relevant alts, I was quite upset to have wasted the effort… I think that it would be nice if the relationships that you have with the Empires would make some difference to the normal gameplay. Now it is even easier just to blend them out.

Well… I have not used any structures to try and make money through the services. My use on the small corporation front has been more of the free corporation offices to share gear/ships between members (an idea would be having a corporation Orca… and whenever people feel like fleeting a mining-op… then see if an orca capable person is online), and more kind of organisational.

But the proliferation of structures in some systems has made flying through space a real PITA sometimes. Overview gets flooded.

More content is always nice. I am honestly not sure how I would prioritize it along with all the other things the Devs have to/should do.


If elected to the CSM I imagine I would try several things to keep open to contact. I’ve certainly put some thought into things I would try… and (in my mind) worked out how much time I would plan to invest. I also know what “hobby” activity I would put on the back burner to free up some time for it. I have it all worked out.


Questions are always welcome. Busy day at work on Friday… so there is a chance there will be a one day pause in significantly long answers.

And thank you for the good wishes. I remember @Mike_Azariah telling me it took him 4 tries to get himself elected. Last year was my fourth try, and I made it onto the top 14. Top 10 is probably too much to hope for… but I hope (like I said in my initial post) that just by showing up and bringing some (not totally insignificant) numbers… we in high sec can let the devs know that we are here, and we are interested!


Welcome to my thread! Thank you for stopping by!

Erm. I am going to have to ask for a little clarification here. What “increased dangers” are you talking about?
As a highsec carebear I am actually feeling safer than ever. But then I do not regularly do everything that highsec has to offer…


@DeMichael_Crimson I found this to be quite a pessimistic and nihilistic post. You liked it?

Highsec is worth fighting for!

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I may be mistaken but my understanding was it pertains to the recent PvE content CCP is hell bent on pushing High Sec players into doing.

Having NPC’s roaming and attacking citizens in High Sec with no help from Empire NPC’s breaks immersion into the game. The only aspect that remotely indicates being in High Sec space is Concord enacting revenge on other capsuleers who commit criminal acts.


Thanks for the clarification.
I remember being annoyed about NPCs randomly shooting my citadels and spamming me with notifications…

I hope he responds and lets us know what he was meaning!


Yeah, that and they also sit on Gates too which Empire ships patrol.

The game mechanics pertaining to those NPC’s is messed up. It breaks immersion and makes them a nuisance, constantly bothering players who don’t want to engage in that content.

The Empire NPC Mining Fleets in High Sec is acceptable and adds to game immersion but having both Pirate and Empire ships all sitting there happily mining right next to each other just isn’t right.


Everything that came to highsec, which would make very aggressive NPCs attack you without provocation - BloBB Raider and BloBB-rista FOBs (Forward Operating Bases), NPC mining-revenge fleets and the upcoming triglavian incursions.

You may be able to beat NPC mining-revenge fleets but you will be wrecks by BloBB Raider and BloBB-ristas, which have infinite resources and buddies, never sleep and attack citadel and ship however they like. They do not stop and bring up to 300 buddies to make sure they “win”.

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Are these actual ships or players in game? Or is this some personal name you’ve given them that no one else uses?

It’s the latter. It stand for blobbs of Blood Raider or Guristas. And believe me when I tell you, they re-define blobbs by a margin.

People make up weird acronyms all the time, why is mine so different??

When I tried to eradicate them it turned out that someone gave their behavior two different set of rules for the test server and the live server.


Are you saying your position is that spending countless hours grinding standings to anchor structures was a good mechanic that should not have been changed?
Or are you saying that because you had to suffer through a bad mechanic everyone else should have to as well even if it’s bad for the game?

Allowing everyone and their mothers to anchor structures anywhere they want to in high security space is a bad game mechanic.


I agree completely. That does not however make make a hundred hours grinding standings a good mechanic.

I’m trying to understand the candidates feelings on the topic.

On a lore perspective if a corp want to anchor in Empire space they should have the correct standings. The same with navy actions, negative standings with that Empire would imply some chasing from navy ships


Actually I was saying:

Which I would interpret to mean… I wish they had changed it before I did it.

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When the Triglavians invade and structures start getting wiped out because only about 5% of the people that anchored them in high sec are either a) active or b) able to defend them…


Actually it doesn’t take very long to gain positive Faction standings. I proved that back in 2010 when I created ‘The Plan’.


Appreciate the clarification. If felt that could have been meant either way, and really needed to know.