High Sec Candidate

Can I come?

Sometimes I wish I knew what those posts were that got deleted.
That was the 700th post in the thread as well. I guess that means this will be the 700th post once that one disappears…

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Lol, sorry I wasn’t sure if I’d be online so I deleted it.

I actually very rarely play nowadays. I enjoy the forums though.

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I’ve been writing replies, but deleted themone after another. So i rather tell you that I’ve kept writing several replies and deleted them all afterwards. I’m unhappy about this situation.

It’s not the act, but the mindset. This approach is fundamentally flawed, as you can not possibly enjoy the experience this way, making it all a pointless exercise, or worse, yet another ■■■■■■■ minigame.

Can you roleplay a pirate?

If you need inspiration, watch “Black Sails”.

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I believe I could. At least I could try…

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Good! You have until July to immerse yourself into the role and creating a character that’s appropriately looking! No need to waste extra isk on him, though.

Do you understand, why I’m throwing this in?

Can you mail me the fittings, so I can make sure the skills fit.

An appropriate-looking character…? If we are going to be playing pirates, then we should look the part… noone is going to take a pirate in a “hello kitty” pullover seriously.

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Don’t overinvest in what could be not-your-cup of tea.

Bring damage if you want to shoot,
a magnate if you want to loot.

I guess you should bring damage, though.
The rest is your own choice.
I only fly Artillery, but blasters would be great too.

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You can look generic as long as face and communication properly express a non-generic character.
Think Chribba.

Alternatively, think Harley Quinn.
Long John Silver.
Not Guybrush Threepwood, or Jack Sparrow. : - )


Which is what I was asking for, the ability to fit one, have you flown a bowhead? The most important aspect for me is that it makes it harder for the bumper because he has to bump more often as the player can then pulse the MWD to get warp outs to fleet members. As we have saved Bowheads (and freighters )this way a number of times it reduces the advantage of bumping while keeping it as a tactic (note that freighters are a lot more difficult to save this way.) Enabling freighters to run a BS MWD this would change things a bit and make it less certain.

That was because I was going on holiday, sadly I went before the vote opened and came back after it had closed.

You have a different view point from me, and my issue with war decs was mainly blanket war decs, if you want to change it back to making it possible to war dec all corps you have to come up with something to penalise blanket war deckers who just want passing trade to blap. It is a massive turn off and you cannot discount what CCP found in terms of their impact.

The changes that CCP have applied need to develop, but one thing that is needed is to make the bonuses for hisec structures better so people want to put them up and use them.

The only thing that has actually got more difficult is the war HQ giving more risk, everything else has got a lot easier and hisec structures are missing out on the weapons systems that make nullsec ones lethal. I have shot hisec and nullsec citadels and hisec ones are way easier.

Standup Guided Bomb launcher basically…

That makes no sense at all, you are tying in numbers destroyed as compared to the impact of no counter. Without bumping I still believe that the same number will be destroyed, unless the current crop give up, but then new people will do it and will likely find better prey who AP, so your comment is irrelevant.

Well I hope that you had a relaxing time!

The elections are now over, this thread should be going to sleep… I’ll be posting some comments about the results, but otherwise we should take discussions elsewhere!

Will you make another vanity campaign next year? Or have you finally learned your lesson?

So the results are in. I don’t have time to pour over the data too much, because I am on the road.
I think I came in 18th.

Thank you for everyone that voted for me! High Sec is worth fighting for!


Congratulations Lorelei, if I was more active I would have done real campaigning for you in game, but I am rarely online.

Sorry you didn’t come in top 10. Hopefully next year will be stronger.

You were a great candidate and your resilience and constant positivity in the face of adversity is a lesson to all of us.

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Just Nullsec? Even low sec citadels are scary, especially once you get past medium sized ones - they can launch bombs and use point defense barriers. It does make them quite scary - need a proper fleet comp to deal with it.

Please stop talking about this in my thread.

It is actually something that you do not have a clue about. The point defence batteries are what makes the difference. Now learn…, and get better.

This is spot on:

This is why hisec ones are so easy to take out, he knows this because we have shot them in hisec and in lowsec/nullsec, I have shot them in WH’s too, I would reckon that he has too. Hopefully Lorelei you will understand that and grow, because if you can’t make such an important difference then you are not going to cut it.

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I did ask to not keep talking about this in my thread.

This is one of those times where people have not read what I have said, and are going off on their own.

High Sec citadels are much harder to take out than others… when the owners are AFK.
And by AFK I mean inactive and not trying to defend. I hope that the wardec changes are going to lead to changes here… especially with regards to the ISK cost.

This is the problem that has contributed so much to the high sec citadel spam.

Of course when people are active and defending their citadels the high sec ones are easier to destroy. Firstly (of course) high sec citadels are usually owned by very small corporations that have no idea how to fit citadels or ships, and have noone that can PVP or knows anything about that.
Then of course, the big fancy weapons are not available in high sec. So of course your “normal” “defended” high sec citadel is not a comparison to anything packing those fancy weapons… but that is not even a point I would try to make.

I do not know what it is you think I am trying to cut.

Please do not talk more about this in my thread this year… noone else is going to read it. Either make a shiny new thread or else save up your concerns for my next year thread?

Well it was important for me to understand this because me like many people in hisec are pretty clear that structures in hisec are not as easy to defend and they are borderline not worth having if you are a small indy corp. Exhibit A

Though Athanors are great for high ends, so glad that we have them.

So you are defining the need to have two weeks war dec as the issue which is 200m. If they loot it then they should be able to cover that war dec cost at least, there are the modules and of course you can pick up a lot of P4 salvage. What you are defining here is will to do it and the fact that hisec is controlled space.

The spam happened before and the structures were so much harder to attack in terms of limited vulnerability, this is when the spam happened, this has been loosened a lot in comparison to then and in fact there are certainly a lot less then you think, before an Astrahus was vulnerable for three hours a week, now its shield can be taken down at any time of the day. In my area one war dec alliance cleaned out almost all of them in three constellations in the region I am in.

It is important in terms of people wanting or bothering to defend them. Attacking a manned Astrahus in nullsec is hairy, the only good thing about them is that they are often fit for caps or subcaps.

Many people like myself who operate with people who have structures feel that they are too weak in hisec, this is an important structure because so many small entities and solo players want to do indy in hisec without being a total walk over. If you as someone wanting to represent hisec got this wrong then heaven help us.

I asked you because I wanted to understand what you meant, because I just did not understand it, in fact I still don’t think that the 200m cost of war dec is an issue because the module drops and the P4 salvage will certainly cover that. from one moderately fit structure at least in my experience.

But thanks for explaining your thought process, I will respect your wishes here, but as you were a hisec player I wanted to know what you meant as this subject/issue is very important to me and the people I operate with. o7, sorry to see that you did not get in and I wish you all the best for next year.