High Sec Gankers and Titans

I just came to realize that High Sec gankers probably have a alot of ISK.

Why dont the gankers go into Null with their Titan using jump filaments and super gank fleets of mining barges or combat anomolies, cloak the Titan after numerous anoms have been taken out, run the ESS up to a couple hundred million in a few hours, then cloak and send in super fast AB fit ships to raid the ESS?

I don’t use a titan, because I enjoy a challenge, and it’s fun to use a cheap Catalyst and run circles around you for years. Actually, that’s not much of a challenge at all, but it is fun regardless. Fortunately, I own a lot of Catalysts.

TLDR: Titans are for carebears.


Some high sec gankers have worked out sitting tethered to a structure doesn’t need several hundred billion isk to do that.

They can pretend being “tethered” to the gates they watch over for much cheaper lol.

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High sec gankers are what you are referring to in your OP. They are the most frightened of any EVE player. If you look in the dictionary for risk averse, you’ll see a picture of Aiko.

They don’t own titans, they don’t go below 04, and they never join a corp that doesn’t have a ship replacement policy. Plus, most of them are poor AF. Hard to make ISK when you sit on a gate all day to gank a T1 fit Retriever or a Badger full of Veldspar and then split the take 10 ways.

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Does this mean @DrysonBennington is the center of your universe and your existence revolves around him despite he is not even logging in to the game? :thinking:



It makes me scared of my own self.

I did bad today!

Sounds like someone is bitter and salty, knowing I have more isk than they do.

It must suck to have to click for your isk.


Would you like to edit that a few more times, angry day drinker?

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No, it’s fine like that.

I’m just making fun of you, miner.

Go make some more modules.

I do genuinely wonder about suicide gankers though. Surely it can’t be that profitable ganking Ventures. Even with a full load of Veldspar sold at Jita that only comes to 61,000 ISK. That’s not even 1/10th the cost of a weapon loaded Catalyst.

How does one afford to keep suicide ganking? Not to mention the Security loss.

We have a blog you can read. It’s fairly self-explanatory.


Don’t worry about the jealous day pleb, he has to work for his isk.




I’m not nearly drunk and/or high enough to properly experience this in the manner it so obviously deserves. One moment.

One definitely not dangerous concoction of booze+drugs later.

Okay, much better. Now, what the BLEEP am I looking at? Did, did that idiot literally give his ship away instead of putting it in a hauling contract???




Titans can’t just turn up and immediately start firing. All the Titan weapons have a delay, and the most powerful can actually only target other capital ships in any case. It would be a waste of time and effort and skills to try to blap a Retriever with a Titan when half a dozen Catalysts could do the job. And with no Concord in nullsec…they’d be around for the next such mission as well.

Being a Highsec ganker in EVE is like being a superstar in RL. You get hundreds of fans like Drison, but also tons of haters like Drison. Also a lot of nonsense articles threads are written about you, simply because they want to mention you, even though it makes absolutely no sense.

Sometimes you even get stalked and some crazy once even tried to touch my cat. And people just randomly shout at you because they hate you for your skill, your fame, your riches, your green killboard and your good looks.

It’s not easy, but it’s definitely worth it.


I’m just glad Drison has decided to ignore me.

Sounds like you are poor, simple as

How kind of you to give me your first ever post! :heart:

ORE mining modules.

Being ganked in a Venture is part of the new player experience. It’s not about profit.