Hilmar vs playerbase

EVE players are in revolt over CCP’s blockchain plans—‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again to chase your player base away with crypto’ | PC Gamer

Wonder who is going to win


The problem is that the blockchain hype is already over, people figured decentralized transactions with their costs bring no added value to how our world ticks. NFTs are a dead horse already. CCP is too late, again.


the people in that article are what the kids you saw in stores rolling around on the floor kicking and screaming grew up to be

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Most people see ‘blockchain’ and think cryptocurrency. But in fact blockchain is just another way of storing data…creating databases…using a less centralised technology. It is simply a replacement for SQL, and should be faster and more efficient. Most people ranting against it haven’t a clue. It’s just another example of people riling against how they imagine things to be…rather than the reality.


Yes, blockchain has been stigmatized with scam and hacks, but is there any actual positive use-case that can be shown as success? Is EVE gonna be the ppioneer? Or is it gonna blow like the rest of them?

I’m not sure how you keep getting your basic facts completely opposite of reality, but at least you’re consistent about it.

Blockchain is inherently slower than centralised databases. The more widely distributed it is, the slower it gets.

The other thing you’re consistent about is unintentional irony. Ah well.

Posters here also aren’t ‘railing’ about blockchain so much as the use of blockchain to implement NFT in a CCP game. Since it’s a single-point provider, with a shaky history of financial mismanagement and failed projects, and anything tracked/traded by the blockchain is dependent upon CCP creating and maintaining a successful new game, there’ll be little actual value to it.

It’s unlikely anyone will view their “Project Awakening” as other than one more attempt by an aging CEO to appear fashionable and cool and edgy. Hilmar’s on the bleeding edge all right, but it’s the foundations of EVE that’s doing the bleeding.

The people who created EVE and made it actual reality are all gone, and the crew that’s left behind haven’t demonstrated an ability to make anything else viable. In fact they’re barely able to keep EVE working. Heck, even EVE Echoes only works(?) because it’s an outsourced project.

Grasping at FOTM technologies in the hopes of somehow magically changing that record won’t fix anything. If CCP can’t even get their decades-old EVE team in order, it’s folly to expect them to do better with something they’ve never had any experience with.


Blockchains are now achieving speeds of over 100,000 TPS.

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Uh, yeah. “Don’t believe the hype”.

If you’re sucker enough to fall for a shady blockchain purveyors “stated theoretical maximum TPS which they hope to achieve sometime in the future”, then I get why you have trouble with actual facts.

Here’s some real-world testing, of actual blockchain speed as it exists:

We’re talking real-world performance of less than 1% of the speed of SQL and similar databases. With providers that boast of “transaction finality” times measured in seconds.

But hey, cheer it on man! Hilmar is listening!


Some pilots profile picture will be worth more than others.

All this negativity :face_with_raised_eyebrow: pls guys,

It’s important to recognize that while NFTs have gained popularity recently in the gaming world, they have been used and failed in many games. However, this does not mean that all applications of NFTs in gaming are inherently flawed.
CCP can learn from the successes and failures of other games that have used NFTs and make informed decisions about how they can be integrated into EVE Online in a way that benefits the game and its players.

It’s essential to take a step back and have a look at the game’s beginnings to appreciate how far we’ve come and how much potential there still is. Our game was the brainchild of a small team of developers who shared a passion for space exploration and science fiction. They were determined to create a game that would be unlike anything that existed at the time. The team’s dedication and hard work paid off, EVE Online was born.
This just goes to show the creativity and ingenuity of the team behind EVE Online and their willingness to take risks and try new things. As players, we should appreciate the hard work and dedication that has gone into creating and maintaining this incredible game.
Furthermore, let’s not forget the many technologies and methods that were used in the past MMOs before EVE’s creation that went t*ts up. Yet EvE kept on going. CCP used Python to develop the game, which I believe was a relatively unconventional choice at the time and made it work(ish) They surely know the history of NFT and the stigma around it…

Though the founding team is not together anymore, and that raised my eyebrow reading the paragraph from the motivation too, not going to lie. We should remember that Hilmar is still inside the ship, and he’s doing an excellent job of it. He’s leading the game in a direction that has not stopped sailing since its maiden voyage. EVE Online continues to grow, evolve, and improve with every update and expansion.
Despite the absence of the founding team, CCP continued to thrive. The game has a rich history and a bright future ahead of it, and we should embrace the changes and updates that come our way.

Let’s look forward to the future and trust that Hilmar and the current development team will continue to steer EVE Online in the right direction.

Fly safe, and see you in space.


A Fool


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Hilmar vs Playerbase (title) is the kind of PvP Eve both needs and deserves. Anyone know which stations his jump clones are in.


This section kinda reads like the stuff that GPT outputs.


And parts it did output to assist me in building the sentences and words so they don’t dance around the screen, to spare you all from: “mai god-like gremmar and flowless speeling powers!”
It clearly has no = :slight_smile:
But it doesn’t make it less me who posted that block, effort has been put into it by reviewing, cutting & reviewing to get wat i wanted. But anyway…

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Back on topic i guess

Seems I misread the tekst and falsely stated they will integrate it into EVE Online but the funds go to a totaly seperate instance of the triple A. Go check out oZ’s channel on twitch or YT he had an interview with the lead game developer like 2-3 days ago. Interesting and refreshing to see and listen to the duo.
YT: oZ & CCP Rattati (Eve Online Game Director)

I don’t care what CCP does with this Web3 project. It might be proper ace or it might be another cash-burning vanity project like the Captains Qupboards or Dust. Wait and see.

But CCP could at least have thrown some jazz hands at us and announced something excellent for EVE at the same time though right? Let corporate put out their market news while EVE devs rave about something good for players or third-party devs. Like, Web3 project over there and fixes for ESI endpoints over here.

It is sad to see the CEO being called out and on the game’s own forum! Will CCP perform Damage Control soon or stick with blissful ignorance? Stay tuned.

The core problem is that Hilmar keep trying new project that he then leave in the dustbin( project nova for example ) instead of focusing solely on eve for the time being and fixing it.

Pochven is still a mess after 2 year of pacth/balance/fix, just to put an example here

…and most importantly - will it make money!


They will say: YES!

But its about YOUR money in THEIR pockets.

And its not about EVE, yet. Probably some still sane person wanted to keep that stuff away from EVE for a while. It can be tied to the EVE lore, but not gameplay.

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you may have the wrong vision here, Blockchain is a technology you can store information in it. Just imagine, having your whole eve story in a blockchain encrypted NFT. What you do with it ? Well its up to your imagination.