Holoreel Release - OOC details

So, I wrote a thing and it’s here. I have hosted it on a wordpress site as it’s rather long and I didn’t want to force people to read it if they didn’t want to.

I shouldn’t have to say it but most of this post is strictly OOC knowledge.

Whilst I want to make it OOC available to all - I’m not a big fan of paywalling player-made content - as you will have noticed from my IGS post, this has been paywalled IC.

Before anyone assumes because of my ticker that this is a ploy to make ISK from my writing, it’s not. If you wish to make payment IC, you may. If you don’t, don’t. I don’t want to take your money from you to access content I have written when it may not benefit your RP.

All I request is that you either RP as if your character has paid for the relevant access and notify me as such so I can RP with you appropriately. If your character would not pay anything to a CODE. agent, you are more than welcome to speculate on what’s in there IC but not reference anything directly. Whatever your character would do, you are always welcome to read through it all OOC.

To explain the reasoning behind the semi-paywall, Ange would her actions through it being part of the process of wealth re-balancing. As an added bonus, it encourages capsuleers to sign up to for mining permits so, in her eyes, it is a method of preventative policing too. There are other motives but those would be the publicly fronted ones. Again, this is OC knowledge not to be used IC but I felt I should respect you all by being upfront and honest about the reasons why.

Any questions, please ask.



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