Honestly, why do some people get promoted? :parrotdad:

I’m sure everyone has seen marginal employees (even sub-par) get promoted :arrow_heading_up: through the ranks. Small groups gather at the proverbial water cooler to share their dismay. Word gets around and rumours began to form. The old standby of, “he/she slept his/her way to the top” doesn’t apply, as no one would sleep with this person. Not even on a dare. So, what is it? How do you get to the bottom of it? How do you unravel the mystery?

Base line for comparison.



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Let me guess. This is a question aimed towards CCP?

I didn’t look at the link, but as I understood it back then, part of the Peter principle is that “Peter”, due to his incompetence, essentially relies on the people below him to perform their very best, which can often make the whole thing pretty table. This can and often will lead to other people not being promoted, exactly because they’re doing a fine job at their level. It’s always kind of tragic, when people think they’re climbing the ladder because they’re working so hard and so good, while often the opposite is true. Then, they don’t get the promotion, seek the mistake within themselves and work ever harder, until they burn out.

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Is this really a gripe about an EX-CCP member?

Also I miss Logibro :frowning:

I can neither confirm nor deny the allegations set forth by this committee…

Because they’re better than you… at everything.

So, using your own argument, “they” get promoted because they’re better at:

10 Super Weird Talents Everyone Really Wishes They Had

And things like falling down stairs and face planting in cow :poop: .

Think your potion over and get back to me.

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Not at all. They are just better than you. Which is not all that difficult of course.

Sometimes it is best to promote an individual contributor to management who sucks because then you can bring in a real contributor.

Sometimes you promote the ones you wish would leave!

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Lol. You don’t even know me.

Someone’s catching on :wink: .

Keep it EVE related.