Hot stuff! Thanks CCP!


Great, the next enemy we will face will be capsuleers that turned into the borg.

Fixed your weird typo.


:open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Resistance is Futile, We are the Borg

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Nothing is sexy about the borg…

What do you have against Patrick Stewart?

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So…anyone still think jigglephysics aren’t on the plan?

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Nice, here’s my Full Metal Bitch:


Black Desert, spaceship expansion?


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@DeMichael_Crimson That looks awesome!

@Compo What does that have to do with it now?

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Picard is how is has to be…

Kirk should have been relegated more than just one time… :slight_smile:

both wrong, picard breaks rules when he feels he needs too, as did every captain in star trek. :eyes:


Picard has a reason,Kirk just DOES it because of his stubborness :stuck_out_tongue:

And his ‘I don’t believe in hopeless situations’ agenda

Kirk endangers his ships and crews because of it.

Picard is the way better captain…because he always has plan b and plan c in the book

Bottom line

still a reason.

picard has killed more federation members than kirk met in his lifetime. battle of Wolf 359, picards capture by the borg was because picard stuck around and endangered his ship and crew :wink:
later on the borg board his ship and he almost got the entire crew killed trying to defend the ship. took a civilian to snap him out of it :wink:

picard is a legend, but plan b c and bloody d :wink: was always him turning to the bridge crew and saying, suggestions people ??? translation, help! lol

both have their merits and short comings :wink:

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Right…picard joined the borg WILLINGLY(what kind of an argument is THAT?)…

Right a lone wolf like kirk is WAY better than a captain that trusts his crew and ask them for suggestions and actually WORKS with them as a resource instead of simply making lonely decisions and yelling orders LOL.

And space is dangerous so what you criticize is part of the job description of a captain but kirk’s lone wolf tactics were simply in overdrive modus all the time and THIS is why he was a bad captain…

yes, picard went to their location knowing the danger he was placing the ship and it’s crew in.

his misjudgement got him assimulated.

ah stop, i’m not sure you’ve watched the same show i did, there is nothing lone wolf about kirk, the triad he had with himself spock and mc coy said it all.

star trek the motion picture, kirk and crew cannot balance the warp engines, it takes spock showing up to do so, he re-enlists mc coy against his will, because he needs him.

while on vacation after a long mission kirk goes to the national park to rock climb, he does not go alone.
they even mention it among themselves, all that time in space and we end up taking a vacation together. (kirk spock and mc coy)

your opinion of kirk is muted, one of the highest decoracted officers in star fleets history, first captain to complete his 5 year mission and return with his ship in one piece and most of his crew alive.

saved the federation many times, even came back from his death to so do again.

a bad captain he was not.