How CCP screwed over half the participants in the Triglavian Invasions Chapter 3

It could not have been repelled. If we won every fight, CCP would have made changes to the content to ensure some number (likely 9 or the full 27 we see, or something inbetween maybe) fell. We know this because CCP has directly stated as much. We could only mitigate the damage, and going by the number of systems we defended, we mitigated it quite well thank you. That’s our point: the loss of systems was assured, so we are being punished for losing a fight we must have lost, but even then… we didn’t really lose! We just get nothing for it, and it would take some of us years to get back in with the Trigs. This is vastly different than say, FW which takes a few weeks or months at most to go from being a General for the Minmatar to the Amarr not shooting you. It’s absurd.


Plain and simple, it is very poor game design.

You cannot encourage participation by paying customers to choose one of two sides, claim that they both have the same chances at success and, therefore their actions have meaning, and then script it so that one side has unequal vulnerabilities and handicaps so that your company design plans are achieved. Then you only reward the side where it was obvious they would win (follow CCP game plans) and ignore the otherside who made the charade possible.

…and to see some of the Trig sympathizers flexing and crowing in these forums just shows how less educated some of our players truly are; they chose the preordained winning side and then claimed it was due to their talent that victory was achieved. Guess CCP fooled some of their customers, the rest (on BOTH sides) cannot believe that CCP would do such a poor job designing the final outcome and rewards. Good players want to achieve their victories using fair gameplay and fair rewards for both themselves and their opponents so that both sides find worth in their effort. Almost smacks of the same thinking that gave us the T20 scandal.


What Debes said: no, this would never have happened and CCP has said as much. But that part is ok.

As I explain in my OP (did you read it?), it was clear early on. No, CCP would not (and should not) have just thrown away the extensive (probably in the order of developer-years, not -months) development time that the programming, art, and story teams have put into Pochven just because the lead-up event went differently than they expected. That’s not how game development works.

It’s also not how it should work. The event outcome being determined is ok. What is not ok is leaving without content half of the participants - those who showed interest but played the opponents despite understanding well that the developed outcomes would happen anyway.

Like I say in the OP: I’m fine with playing the losers. I’m not fine with not being allowed to play. (Or, in this case, being downgraded to a non-participant and below.)


I’m not really sure how Edencom folks are surprised by this. They were literally fighting for Status Quo, seems like they got what they wanted.
People fighting on the side of new content, got new content. People fighting on the side of the cops, get safer haul routes. Win/Win I’d say.

If the Edencom victory systems are immune to NPC trig invasions then this is a valid benefit.

Are they? If not, then that’s a fair point. I’d say that fortresses should have their security rating upped .
You do get your 10% mining bonus and Gunstars defending the gates. I‘m sure Edencom will get some more content eventually. We don’t even have missions in T-space yet, so it seems like they were laying tracks while the train was coming.

I don’t think you read (or understood?) the original post.

In the story, yes, Edencom are the cops who tried to repel the invaders. However, I, as a player, did not “fight for status quo”. If I had not been interested in the new content, I’d not have participated in the event, at all. I participated because I was interested, and I expected to be able to continue to participate, even if as the loser in the story.

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Nope, looks like she is wondering why CCP hates her, not Trigs…


I never cease to be amazed by how willfully ignorant and obtuse some Eve players can be.

Else raises a series of valid points and this is partly why I refused to participate in this charade over the past several months. The grind wasn’t my idea of fun nor worth my limited gaming time. Hell, after all these years of stupid decisions like this I’m really wondering whether continuing to pay CCP every month for the “privilege” of Eve is even worth it.


@CCP_Burger , re this article

Devs / CCP going out to public to state that Edencom just did not try hard enough and to smile enigmatically when asked about it is tonedeaf af.


I swear, these guys can put a positive publicity spin on anything.

Yeah, the devs were “shocked, I tell you, just shocked” that the Trigs were able to claim Nairja and their other successes, when CCP made Caldari NPC near worthless against OP Trig ships, made EDENCOM wins in LS near worthless (status quo, no sec change), just “randomly happened” Nairja was chosen (but glad it did because it broke up HS in part as they announced they were going to do over a year ago), and other “player choices”. All for a new area used by probably less than 5% of the players.

So CCP are pretty darn good spinning mud and straw into some gold threaded narrative, no matter what the final result really is to most players. I’m glad I have yet to be bothered by the changes, but I am waiting for my turn under the knife. Hopefully the carrot stage is coming soon.

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Less than 5 players is more like it.

Somebody said about 300 have the +3 without the drone thing. Probably a handful only +7 to reach the home systems.

How many of those 300 people will stay fascinated by their private club, I wonder.

Depends, what you can do in the private club is … getting rich, as long as it’s gated. So essentially it’s a krab paradise. The reason is the exclusive LP store and the best ore in EvE.

Getting rich in Eve is the easiest thing of all:

Counter-intuitively the harsh environment suffocates most PvP imo, because a) the pressing rat presence and b) the need to group up for almost everything, hence most groups are blue to each other. WH entrances are deadspaces, so death traps for everything larger, if people decide to keep the space closed.

But this is all balance, because in-filaments are missing. Once the full ecosystem is established it can be good for both PvE and PvP.