How CCPs approach to developing EVE is:

Open the game, look at it for 5 seconds, then close it. What did they see? They saw the UI, the saw they station interior. So that is what they decided needed some change

That explains why we have Photon.

I think you are missing a lot but its a start.

They should add the CQ back, with option to walk out the door, and into the ship.


You would make a good CCP employee

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That’s how good CCP devs are. They know exactly what’s to be done in just a few seconds. No need of evaluating or measuring. These superdevs barely need any supervision and already have the whole roadmap in mind for the next decade.
Welcome to the future of game development :smiley:

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This sort of vague rant is pointless. If you don’t like something, how about being specific and stating precisely what that is.

You should know what happens when you raise a specific issue. Look ur own thread about skins. The useful idiots come out and CCPsplains everything.

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Another day, another useless, dumb, misdirected and confused post from Westfahrn


Open game, spin around: “hmmmm this game clearly needs an attached shooter”

Close game, send company profits to develop a shooter. Dont call it FailDust2

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