I must be wrong, please help me understand

What I understood since COVID from community: Give us better gameplay.

CCP: We are going to give you the same gameplay, but now better rendered. Which of course has no meaning if you play this game with max zoom out.

Then I thought to myself, but posting this is just ranting, I can sense the ISD coming to close my thread, then I realized the master argument: Fking TIBIA, same player numbers, even worse graphics, but evolving gameplay changes.

DX11 changes are decisions of devs that only care for their resumes. Sorry for being so blunt, the BS level is too high around here, these forums are just therapy, they don’t give two fks about whats being talked in here.

I would love to be proven wrong, instead I gonna get a more hot CPU for ■■■■ IDC.

I’m eager to see big blob fights, gonna be pure WIN!

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There is no future in DX9, it also becomes a support and constraining feature limitation to stay on DX9.

Just as there is no future in Windows editions before 10.

Eve is a rolling release. A game as a service.

Supporting 10+ year old technology is no future.

It’s not just Eve dumping DX9, other older MMO’s are also dumping it.


I did not meant it that way, good riddance DX9.

I mean the engineer effort to bring more rendering options instead of engineer effort for gameplay.

It’s always nice to have better rendering, but I don’t believe it’s the priority right now.

And don’t get me wrong again, I came back to test Photon, half assed.

I want to believe, but there’s not much to believe in.

Well they have more than one person and skills doing work on it I am sure in different teams.

That’s why I mentioned the Guardian article, it seems same old mistakes all over again.

Ofc it remains to be seem.

I do not like what I see, if the presentation is the HYPE, then we are in the crap. OR if CCP is doing a differente approach and hyping little to deliver and surprise, then color me surprised and come back to insult me when it happens, I’ll take it like a champ.

During max TIDI fights, my favorite pasttime was zooming in on each ship around me and admiring the graphics.

What else am i gonna do for the 3 hours it takes for my ship to finally shoot after i press F1?


How any MMO could have possibly gone in a negative direction during gov’t mandated home lockdowns is beyond reason… but this is CCP we’re talking about here.

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