How do I get people to talk to me in-game?

I mostly try talking in local, is this a bad idea? Why does no one reply when I do?


depending where you are at, the locals are either bots, or just don’t care to talk to others, or maybe afk…


Near Jita, probably mostly bots.

Try saying hello in local


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Find people doing the same thing you’re doing or want to be doing. Ask questions, join an active corp.

Also choose to do play styles where interaction is useful. Station trading generally is a solitary thing.



That’s pretty funny XD

Send me isk and I’ll talk to you.

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I miss when peeps talked in local. Used to be in busy systems local as booming.

I also think DIscord and the like contributes.

I really want a server wide chat channel :smiley:

Just offer to sell the locals mining permits.

They’ll be talking to at you in no time.


I’ll look out for you in local and chat next time . What time zone are you in. You could look for some player channels too like eve university help. Or" Anti-ganking channel" can be fun sometimes , not sure about the channel "why was I ganked " as I’m band from it .

Ps never send Aiko isk or for that matter anything , it always ends bad


I don’t know, I never seem to have this problem. All I do is type “16/f/cali ne1 wanna b friendz?” into local and I instantly get like a dozen chat requests.


Nearby trade hubs people usually ignore or close their local chat window due to all the scams and spam.

If you want to talk, try elsewhere, or your corporation.


If I am ATK and see someone saying hi in local I tend to respond on Dracvlad because why not, and I am forum famous :stuck_out_tongue: Still one of the issues you have is that many people try to keep their heads down to avoid being noticed and that is always going to be an issue.

Don’t be discouraged because at times you will get some that will respond.


This 100%

And this 100%

Can you let Dracvlad know I was here?

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I used to hold trivia session in Amarr, but people were just copy-pasting answers directly from Google (sometimes even with the code tags and/or formatting still embedded) even though I asked everyone not to do that. So I started asking questions in formats that couldn’t be simply Googled (even though the questions weren’t any more difficult), and pretty no one answered anything correctly aside from an occasional obviously-educated/intelligent repeat winner. So people just started insulting, cussing, and threatening me for “cheating” (but I was the one asking the questions ?_?) and not giving them free money. GAMERS LOL

I can’t, I’ve only served four days out of my sentence, and still have ten more to go. Also, if I misbehave, I’ll get put into solitary confinement, so I’m going to have to pretend I don’t know you for a while, sorry.

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I thought you didn’t do AFK


Your two weeks cool down is over by the way.

Thank you @Dracvlad