How do you define ganking, pvp and trolling

I get that this attatude is your whole stick but I am talking about a woman with some serious problems show some respect at the very least

Killboard is full of people who think they can. As you’ve clearly never ganked, you have no idea how fast it all goes. Gankers can be in a system and onto you within seconds. I guarantee no-one has time to even divert their attention for 1 second onto Netflix.

if they have a ship that can do something like that then there is not much you could really do at leaast in my experince

Well, you lost most of your ships in lowsec…where the rules are different and a single ship can scram and destroy you and take its time doing so.

Highsec ganking is different, and when I’ve done it there has usually been a ‘warp to’ Venture or other mining ship that the target does not suspect is part of the gank fleet. The Venture will seem to be harmlessly mining as it moves in closer…but in reality it is placing itself as the ship the main gank fleet can warp to. A common trick. The gank fleet will hide in another system while the ‘warp to’ ship moves in, and then will immediately warp to that ship on entering the system. It’s all very fast and clinical !

So…watch out for ‘friendly’ mining ships, and also don’t mine at fixed bookmarks as gankers may also take note of those.

I enjoy blowing up pixilated spaceships. Especially those of AFK players.

Is there something wrong with that?

Yes, you been locked up to stop you doing that

Isn’t that an international war crime or something? :thinking:


I hope you don’t believe that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well if the upside down emoji is not enough indication then not sure what else could be done to help you, unless you want to get spoon fed everything with literal disclaimers and whatnot. :stuck_out_tongue:


What was this :stuck_out_tongue: ? I was acknowledging your joke, I found it funny.

Then you’ve used a misleading emoji if that was your intention. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was using a stick out tongue as I was having a laugh, chill please…

And that’s not what that emoji represents.

Calm down miner. :wink:

I do admit to having a laugh at your implied dig, it obviously hit a nerve, do carry on, you just added to my enjoyment of this sunny day, following the unexpected victory of my countries football team that actually played some football last night, colour me surprised…

Ah a failed attempt at ad hominem. I accept your surrender and unintentional admission of being wrong by not understanding how to use that emoji properly. :wink:


You really are uptight to define that as ‘ad hominem’, you need to chill, though perhaps you really did not like me laughing at the implication behind what you posted. Still I did find it really funny, thanks for the laugh, though I am not sure that it was what you intended.

But that emoji works totally for what I posted…, perhaps you understand it now?

PS I was being cheeky…

I was providing a clear explanation which you ignore and just respond with personal attacks and flame so you shown all you care about is stirring up drama instead of having a discussion. I’m not here for flame just a polite discussion.

As the forum rules state you can disagree in a respectful manner, you chose the opposite despite my explanation was in good faith. Maybe something was triggered in you, doesn’t matter. What matters is you are only here to have a fight.

You are on your own with this mindset. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

I don’t believe that was a personal attack by me, I was finding your implied dig amusing, that you are getting all hot and bothered about it is really you attacking yourself. I found it funny and had a cheeky laugh at it, but you did not find that funny, calm down mate.


Unlikely a toothless old vamp finds anything funny.

Yeah right.

Now now, children. Play nice. This is a safe space with padded walls. We wouldn’t want the ISD to come in here and put you in straight jackets now would we?

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