How to easily PLEX from ALPHA to OMEGA with in-game activities

As an actual Alpha account the only thing cost effective to move to Omega IMO is exploration.

Get a T1 exploration frig, fit it right and head out to 0.0 and farm. You can easily make a billion isk a week playing fairly casually.

Trading you simply dont have the skills to have enough market orderes to make enough. Most alphas also dont have the captial. Missions are slow and pointless, mining and production a waste of time.

Once you are omega there are plenty of other options that are viable isk sources. Prior Exploration is the only one that isnt mind bogglingly slow and boring.


Do you reaaaallly think u can make a bil/week with 1 t1 alpha frig in 0.0??! Or are you that nabish in this game to be so naive and think its easy to be omega this way?

Combat exploration in hisec. Competition right now is huge but isk is there. Even in alpha Algos you can clear few of 4/10 in hisec with no issue.

Unless you were in a SOE ship with the bonuses as an alpha i dont think you have the skills in 0.0 to reliably scan down the majority of relic/data sites or hack them successfully.

I watched your vids bud and enjoy the series but u had omega at the time and accidentally injected some skills up to boost so unfortunately until you dropped back to omega again it was a little inaccurate. However Im sure if you find a quiet pocket you could make a reasonable isk amount but you were probably lucky/and skill you didnt get popped unlike a newbie would. :sunny:

Anyway great to see you in here

I think 0.0/WH exploration is the best answer. Well on my alpha at least I can scan 95% of all relic/data sites just fine. Though keep in mind this is with the racial frigate at level 4 and all scanning/hacking related skills at alpha limit. I’d suggest level the frigate to 3 at least then level the scanning/hacking skills and it’s golden.

WH is more tedious but safer most of the time.
Null sec is more dangerous right now due to the black out (explo hunters having a field day probably) but I still go by my usual routes and its fine so far, though that can change at any time lol.

Trading is your best bet if you want yo become space rich.

Use websites like and find opportunities to capitalize from.

You’re doing it wrong.



The best option is don’t do it. Just pay. To try and PLEX means you have to trade a fairly substantial amount of your leisure time to do so.


People should not be aiming at plexing to Omega.


What Nicolai said.

Trading can be a one-login-a-day activity if you grow your awareness of the natural price swings of items and just ride on them.

While I 100% agree with what you said for new players, the reality is most players with 6-12 months of heavy time in know how to make their nut each month without the time commitment.

For example, I have a few accounts for SP farming. I spend more time than I’d like sometimes doing market things but that tends to bring in a big chunk too.

My guess is most do PI, SP farms or other passive things like inventions or BPC factories for high end things.

With increased sales taxes and npc broker fees, margin trading is not as lucrative for Alpha players anymore.


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I’ve been playing for about 12 years and I don’t. I could just be really, really bad, but the reality is I don’t want to have that kind of commitment to the game when instead after a few hours of work I can PLEX an entire account for a year. Then all the ISK I earn can go into ships, skill books, etc.

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