How to get more people to play eve


(Runa Yamaguchi) #1044

I quoted from two sources to show you what is commonly known and understood as to what PvP means.

RE: you writing a wiki…ya, I wouldn’t put that one past you…

(Taloris Aldercain) #1045

This was why I phrased what I said in response to your “EVE is largely PVE-based” the way I did. While yes a majority of activities within EVE are focused around the player interacting with the environment or non-playable characters within a space where they’re subject to direct non-consensual player aggression, the players themselves can and are almost constantly in competition with others in these PVE activities by simply engaging in it.

Semantics or not, it’s how a large group of the online community has come to understand what PvE and PvP is defined as - PvE would have the removal of player competition while PvP has the existence of player competition. It’s like how the term “Pay-to-Win” and its concept has evolved from “buying power” to what it is today.

Also, it’s cool and all that you’re a game designer making a game and all, but that bit of information doesn’t really add to the discussion or give any validation to your opinions on the subject.

(March rabbit) #1046

Never go full Balos

(BDVannessa LSG) #1047

You are stuck in old meta whch killed Eve :rofl:

(Taloris Aldercain) #1048

We get it, you had a bad experience with the game and would prefer to see it changed to how you want it to be.

Thankfully that isn’t your decision.

(Nuuri Naarian) #1049

Its none of our choices, actually, and that includes ccp. all they can do now is look at the opinion and pass it up. To be honest, from the sound of the system, most of this stuff is a waste of time; when i start believing that is the point i start jumping over ceo’s heads and going to bod and investors to convince them if they want positive change in the game, they need to start firing ceos.

People are out crying for the changes im advocating for, you guys are trying to suppress it.
This abuse needs to stop.

(Omnathious Deninard) #1050

You will find that you are part of a small minority that is crying for the changes you suggest.

(Maekchu) #1051

I mean on these forums, in recent times, that minority has been Balos and LSG. Do you really want to be part of that?

Having read quite a number of your posts now, I still don’t feel like you’ve ever given a concrete argument for your opinion other than “I’m right and the game needs to comply to my wishes, otherwise it will die”.

Present solid arguments and people will have a rational discussion with you.

(Nuuri Naarian) #1052

Must of missed something, clueless about these terms.

Wait, increasing the population of eve by double is not a valid, concrete argument? Is that you, my bff, on another alt?

(Taloris Aldercain) #1053

Not only that but it’s always been the same topic - mining and ganking in highsec.

They still don’t address some of the things I mentioned earlier in the thread (or even attempt to).

(Maekchu) #1054

It’s a hypothesis. It’s not concrete. You have no evidence of this happening, or at least not presented a solid argument that would support that hypothesis.

If you cannot even see that “Do this and the sub numbers will double” is not a solid argument, then you are lost.

Send me your ISK and I will double it. Ignore the naysayers, I’m telling you it is the truth.

(Nuuri Naarian) #1055

There is no promise, no. But its a far more likely option then “kill the noobs” or “keep beating the noobs up”.Evidence for that? Because people got a lot happier with the war eligibility system. Make the change, i dare you. You will see i am right, i think we both know it, but your scared to be wrong.

Hmm lets do the math on this
Potential PvP population = maybe 50% of all mmo gamers, and only around 20% Do only

pvp the people that dont want pvp
many mmo’s demonstrating 80% of the population is pve based.

Which is more likely to have the biggest impact on population?
Dont be intellectually dishonest. Your wrong, and we both know it, and any designer with intelligence knows it.

no, there is no promise on any system, but there is likely hoods (percentage chance), and in this case, the population will grow 100% chance of it.

(Taloris Aldercain) #1056

They would also know the negative stigma concerning PVP and why it has that association, and how despite people not wanting to fight other players the most “successful” games have players fighting other players thanks to nothing more but a skewed perception of fairness.

(Maekchu) #1057

It’s always a great way to dismiss any argument by calling the opposing party stupid.

Let me just remind you, that I was not the one to use a 102 vote player made forum poll, as a basis for my argument.

I don’t think you should call me intellectually dishonest. I think I’m done here.

(Nuuri Naarian) #1058

You are intellectually dishonest, because you are hiding or deflecting from the truth. Maybe my higher level terminology is not properly reflecting the proper emotional response. I could see how that could be offensive.

Lets back up

Statistically speaking, 80% of those people that left eve, are pvers as their primary focus. This is easily established by many examples and evidences.

If we are just talking about the people that left this game, the biggest group of people are pvers. Thus, its insanity to try to appeal to 20% when you get 80%.

So your being dishonest, by saying that this position is not a “concrete one”, because its far far more “concrete” then appealing to 20%, which by the way itself is decreasing.

(Taloris Aldercain) #1059

Where is this 80/20 figure even coming from.

(Nuuri Naarian) #1060

Show me one, just one game, that has a few million players and 80% of the population is pvp AND ONLY PVP, ill drop this and never return to the forums.

Other wise, these points are invalid, and wow, empyrium, and all the other mmos other out there are example of why, you are all wrong.

If you want to consider me arrogant, or ignorant for that, im ok with it and ill take the title and gladly continue on fighting the fight.

however, i am only arrogant, and ignorant if you can prove i am wrong, that there exist million(s) player mmo’s with almost purely a pvp focus.

this is what your trying to advocate for eve.

If your not, then you need to negate from your position and encourage ccp to heal this game by giving high sec to the pve-anti pvp players.

(Nuuri Naarian) #1061

Industry Statistics bro.

(Nuuri Naarian) #1062

On a side note, i was not calling you stupid. I was calling you intellectually dishonest. Stupid is you dont know, Intellectual dishonesty is when you know the truth, and conceal it to validate your position.

Its not different then saying “strawman” or similar forums of debate-related terminology.

(Maekchu) #1063

So I’m manipulating and dishonest.

Ok, great. I’d prefer to be stupid for sure. What a great turn of events.

Maybe dial down a bit on the personal attacks there buddy. I don’t think I’ve flamed you even once personally. I’ve only questioned the solidity of your arguments.

Maybe keep it civil, if you want people to respond back in a non-trolling manner.