How to play this game when i cant earn ISK?

That’s the worst one. That’s what all the high-sec carebear trash corporation directors use.

If you whined less, you might learn things.

Nobody likes a crybaby.

People need to start quoting in-between every letter.

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An Astero is not a Covert Ops ship. It’s a pirate faction frigate that has a role bonus allowing it to fit a covops cloak. “True” CovOps can not just fit a covops cloak, but also interdiction nullifiers and covert ops cynoes

While it takes some time to be able to fly a “true” CovOps, a capsuleer can fly an astero within 17 hours after capsuleer creation, and less then that if you chose galente or amarr factions while creating the toon. It’s just about getting the cloaking skill to level 4 for the covops cloak

I don’t believe I mentioned Astero in any of my posts since I signed up in the forum.

Thanks for the info. I shall look into that.



Join Factional Warfare, farm plexes all day long, or do missions, and convert LP to ISK, then go pvp.

Profits and fun all in one place.

Or farm Abyssal space, profits.

Or join a WH group, profits.

Or do PI in nullspace for T4 materials, sell them, profits.

Or trade in highsec, profits.

Or do Incursions, profits.

Or do FOB base bashing with a group, profits.

Or do Sisters Of Eve LV4 missions and Burner missions, convert LP, Profits.

Could go on …


The trick is doing it right which takes effort to figure out and learn, effort to make a plan, execute it and assess afterwards to then fine-tune over time. Gitting Gud doesn’t come instantly nor without effort, brain effort.

People who just “do stuff” will have to accept they do things the hard, costly and explodey way. If they don’t like that then perhaps they should rethink their strategy.

Otherwise there’s always mining…

The very fact that I am replying to you proves I can read :smiley:

I mean I guess I’m able to read better than you as I’ve never been caught by a cloaky astero before…

Oh, but mining too, could be done in a very explodey (well, less so since the venture replaced jet can mining/flipping) and very inefficient way, if not researched properly :smiling_imp:

I forgot that this was a thread about how much winning you were doing. Sorry friend.

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I think you’re being a little unfair here my friend.

Ultimately, the point of the game is to have fun. If you set a limit for yourself that the only way to have fun is to fly X type of ship, or to have X number of skillpoints, that is a self-imposed restriction, not one forced on you by the game.

I’d had three or four stints in the game over nearly a decade by the time I got to 15/20m skillpoints. I’d had fun each time, too (until I didn’t, or RL got in the way, and I unsubbed).

Where I think Mike is going with his point, and I agree, is that if you make earning isk your sole motivating factor for playing Eve, you will inevitably burn yourself out through overworking your game time or through sheer frustration as one isk-making activity or another is nerfed or otherwise impacted by CCP changes.


I think the question is why do you need so much isk after 1 month. Level 2 and 3 agent missions should be enough. Highsec exploration as well. If your truly a new player I suggest trying the epic arks. Its fairly low risk as long as you follow the guides and several hundred million isk.

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OK, I checked it out… The Astero is a rather weak ship ( per info panel ) with only two hardpoints ( include the Covert Ops cloaking device and you’re left with only one hardpoint )
That’s a waste of SP and modules in my opinion, especially when one considers the price of a covert op module tier 2 which sells for 104mil at least, unless you only use it for Exploration.
Which leaves fitting it on one of the other ships listed on which you can fit such a module, and the training time on those is no less than a month.
I’ll be shooting for a Covert-Ops class ship instead and wait for training on it.
I’m in no hurry, I can learn more about the game while I wait to be able to pilot that class of ships.
Thanks again for your input.
Fly Safe

How to play this game when i cant earn ISK?

You’re in luck! There is an SALE offer to buy PLEX for ISK here


join other corp … talk with the guys in that corp … learn … make isk … easy …
sorry to hear that story but i think you ended up in a very wrong place

contact me if you need help


In other words start a new account and don’t interact with old accounts. Done that. I knew what and how to train, and make the most use of the 5M sp available on an alpha account. I ran triglavian conduits with a single alpha toon in a passive shield tanked drake - a fit I shared regularly on the rookie help channel… where the response was often “It would take me months to fly this”. “Yep. It does, so what. I just made my first billion in hisec.” That was when I returned to the game in 2019 and didn’t even have my old account active.

The vets are telling you, from friggin experience 'It’s gonna be a grind and it will wear you out". Learn the game, know what to learn to survive and learn to set your ambitions to your abilities and knowledge. That’s why most of the

are veterans of EvE in the first place. They say what from their long experience is a good approach and what definitely is a bad one. They don’t take sand out of the box, they just told you where the quicksand is. Have fun in Ultima Online, go back to WoW or whatever floats your dingy.


There’s more to those numbers, it’s about how one uses them. Try doing this with a normal covops frig;

You won’t take down cruisers with it, but at least you can go hunting with it, or hack, or spy, in the most dangerous parts of New Eden, and kill you some targets.
Knowing how to read the numbers and the slot layout is a very challenging aspect for most players, myself included.

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Look at that massive flip-flop within the scope of like five sentences.

And this bit as a whole…

No, that’s just you. I would take a kill mail and being called a ■■■■■■■■■■■■ when I show up in local over any amount of money any day of the week. Even if I have to fly small T1 ships, I don’t care. I haven’t touched PvE in over a decade in any serious capacity, except when experimenting with new additions to the game (e.g. wormhole and abyssal sites) out of curiosity. If I need money, I’d much rather hang around a hub or a suicide-gank spot and steal some loot than grind away for the equivalent of 30 cents an hour like some Chinese prison factory laborer. And maybe I make less money that way, but why would I care? My needs are limited to replacing my combat ships, and not to the ever-moving goal of growing my wallet as much as possible and at all costs. And because I didn’t spend my time playing like a wage slave, I managed to develop skills that ensure that I don’t even need to replace my stuff all that often.

And maybe that’s the reason why I’ve been here for almost 20 years, while the Veldspar-grinding carebears bail after 3 months and a jumbled rage-quit thread.


Sounds good. I guess with more SP the Astero could be fun for me.

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Lol UO was savage. I used to murder people and steal all their stuff and their clothes, then the bank where they couldn’t touch me. Sorry but Eve is a carebear game compared to ultiima online.

Just had to interject there.