How to properly play EVE 2020

  1. You need a proper set of skill farming accounts.
  2. Good hardware setup.
  3. Pick up daily skillpoints for better reward.
  4. Log everything and press cloak.
  5. Wait for lone dirty krabbers to strike them.
  6. Enjoy the game with 50 accounts while burning hearts of dirty krabbers.
  7. You can go away anytime.
  8. Game has +50 people online and activly playing.

9 With ESS change you can now collect monies when they are full.

Tutorial movie
Some people see it as copystriked. YT. Things so ill upload some SS.

This is new meta for game.

I’m sure a whopping 0.00001% of the playerbase are capable of doing this.

What a horror!

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CCP will add NPCs to loot the ESS if players don’t.


Wow, that’d mean tears from BOTH sides!

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Players loot their ESS themselves every other minutes to prevent theft. Who’d have thought.

How to be a bitter vet in 2020

  1. You need a sense of entitlement.
  2. A propensity to complain and give up when faced with challenges
  3. Be a bot aspirant
  4. Look at all changes solely through the lens of your play style, and no on else’s.
  5. Focus on the bad, and ignore the good.
  6. Enjoy your pity party as you complain in all public spaces.
  7. You can go away anytime
  8. Don’t. Instead stick around and try to poison morale for your fellow players.

9. bonus points if you cant get a player under one year old to start talking like a crusty bitter vet.

Tutorial Movie


#3 is optional.

Did you hear horn of Goondor? Oh wait Goondor is no more, only Helm’s deep left.

Skill farming and injectors already did heavy damage to the game, its just new iteration.

imagine getting triggered over how someone else plays a video game

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