HS Moon mining ore protection system. Will it be?

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It’s clearly NOT yours.

It creates a minefield that anyone can mine. If it was meant to be yours, it would be in a can that if anyone else removed stuff from it would set them to suspect or criminal status.

You WANT it to be yours. It’s not.

As the operator of the moon laser, you set the time the rock becomes an asteroid field. You have a distinct advantage. You also can unload your ore much more quickly after mining it at your structure.

But it’s not yours any more than the salvage from a ship you destroy is yours or anymore than the bounties from a mission you accept are yours (someone else can scan you down, warp in and kill the rats before you do) or all the containers at a data or relic site you scan down first are yours.

None of those are yours by right. You have advantages by firing the moon laser or being the one who accepted the mission or being the first to scan down a site. But the advantage is ONLY the fact that you get there first. Not that someone else can’t come along and take it from under your nose.

Doing that is what makes eve… eve.

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thank you, you only took 10 posts to understand what people are saying on this topic.
Now you can start discussing.

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I swear there was going to be a Tax system the structure owner could use when these where first going to be Introduced?

(NotTheSmartestCookie) #104

There is a corporate mining ledger you can use to check who has been mining the moon. But there is no automatic taxing system in place.

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Good luck to all the miners who think they are going to suicide gank my 300k ehp Orca.

Your going to need a whole lot of members with alpha accounts.

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