HS Moon mining ore protection system. Will it be?

(JuuR Zibaoo) #81

hmm … there is a system to safe your ore … mine faster … i know guys they do that … 1 orca, 1 frighter, 8 hulks … problem solved … really …

(Anderson Geten) #82

you’re right, bots are often the answer.

(JuuR Zibaoo) #83

what? bots? lol … you dont need bots for that … just 3 or 4 screens … 4K is nice … then you have space for youtube too

work for your isk :wink:

(Buggs LeRoach) #84

this exact same argument was used regarding salvage . i invest time isk etc and someone steals “my” salvage …

what if an old mechanic was revived for moon mining , someone stealing “your” ore is flagged to your corp only . this way you can defend it yourself and take the consequences , instead of suspect flagging where you’re counting on other players to defend “your” ore for free …

(Siara Tian) #85

As it was said much earlier in the post, if you feel the need to have a refinery, you should have the corp members to mine it out quickly to begin with. If not, expect it to be a public service. You don’t go into an asteroid belt and ‘claim’ it, even though you bought your porpoise/orca/barge/exhumer. It’s just public. Everyone who lives around me, tips us for our moons and uses us to reprocess. Don’t force them or anything, just provide a service…

(darkestkhan Eriker) #86

All belts in hs are property of James 315 - they are not public property.

(Max Deveron) #87

actually you are full of ■■■■, maybe when James fuels every athanor running moons in Highsec without charging for the fuel he can claim them, until then shut your pie hole.

(Siara Tian) #88

Y’all can take your “mining permits” and shove it.

(Predvodnica LSG) #89

Buy new “moon ore protector” in your Pearl Shop for only …

(Millard Audene) #90

I didn’t read all the responses to this thread. You can, in hisec, provide your own protection without firing a shot and involving CONCORD. Get friends involved in your mining op, have them fly machariels, bump the miners out of position. You can also set docking rights on the refinery, and all others in the system that have refining activated, so that only you and your friends can dock and compress. If they try to circumvent that by docking at an NPC station and bringing in a freighter to haul out the uncompressed ore, simply bump it to hell until they rage quit.

The above suggestions are guaranteed to get you better results than adding on something to require more dev time.

(Randal Ganes) #91

If you steal metal scraps everyone can shoot you. if you steal ore that is Worth so much more Everything is fine. Mechanics at its best. :rofl:

(Lena Crews) #92

Except the HS empire you live in owns that moon you’re blowing chunks out of… not you. It’s not yours until it’s in your ship or hangar.

Same is true for asteroids in a belt. They’re not yours until they’re in your ship… even if you plant structures near the belt and say “IT’S MINE!”.

All your moon drill does is a create a belt. It doesn’t grant you ownership.

(Anderson Geten) #93

You don’t plant a structure near a belt.
You plant a structure that CREATES the belt. just like you kill a rat to create his loot.

(Lena Crews) #94

The empire (though concord) pays you a bounty and gives you rights to the loot of any NPC pirates you kill (and PC criminals you kill as well).

They apparently don’t give you the rights to the chunks of THEIR moons you chop off using a giant laser. They treat those rocks the same as those in asteroid belts or salvage on derelict ships.

It’s NOT YOUR MOON. The Amarr empire/Caldari State/Minmatar Republic/Gallente Federation own those. Sorry.

(Lugburz) #95

Gank it, wardeck it, recruit it or stfu and gtfo


(Anderson Geten) #96

nobody said they own the moon. They own the structure that creates the belt, which they invest in for the sole purpose of creating the belt.

You are just pointing out the state of the game.
And that’s exactly what people here complain about.

(Lena Crews) #97

You have access to ABC ores (along with gneiss and spod) now in high-sec. You can set the timers to fracture the chunk at whatever time fits your corp/alliances whims. You can mine these in nearly complete safety (other than wardecs which you can avoid by taking your miners out of corp and suicide gankers). You make back the price of the athanor and moon laser in 1-2 runs of your moon laser.

But you’re complaining because if you take too long to mine your ore, someone else can mine it first?

I’m sorry… I’m not feeling like you have much of an argument. If this is really a problem the correct solution is to remove moon lasers from high sec. Not to make it even easier for you. It’s already pretty darn easy. It’s not your ore… not until you mine it.

Store a fleet of gank catalysts at your athanor. If you’re running moon mining you should have enough pilots to destroy a few barges. It costs them more than it costs you. They’ll leave.

(Anderson Geten) #98

Where in my previous posts did I say it was about me ?

If YOU extract the moon chunk, then YOU deserve to have it be YOURS just as when YOU kill a rat its loot is YOURS.

Now the fact that YOU don’t like the mining lasers in HS in another topic - which nobody cares about.

(Wyk Bathana) #99

I think that all popcorn stocks have been depleted…

(Uriel the Flame) #100

Just wait for a foreign corp blow up a moon chunk then steal their moon-popcorn. :first_quarter_moon_with_face: :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: :smiling_imp: