HS Moon mining ore protection system. Will it be?

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Nope. Go through my posting history. I always have arguments.
You just make this up, because you have no actual points supporting your claim.

I call people stupid, because what they say is stupid. Thoughtless. Mindless.
You just make this up, because you don’t like what I say.

I actually doubt that you know what a brat is, because I show no signs of being one. When you want to see brats, especially spoiled brats, you should take a look at people who create whining threads about something that - fundamentally - is about self responsibility.

That “argument” was none. I was not arguing anything. Miners would collectively ■■■■ their pants in the “belt” (or whatever people call it), if they all suddenly turned suspect. That is not an “argument” for or against anything, it is a fact.

A dozen miners believing they can mine some moon ore in perceived peace suddenly going suspect will absolutely crap their pants when it happens, at least as long as they are not AFK.

But hey … go ahead … maybe add an alt to this, too? : - )

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No you dont. Last post you had no argument.
No need for me to read what comes after that, you start with something false.

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Thanks, I see your point. It’s well explained and fits they way everyone plays eve near your computer.

I also like they way you pointed out indirectly my stupidity because only the greatest mass debaters use that technique.

Ps. I think your post is stupid because;

  1. Ownership changes are not handled that way in eve. For example the can/wreck mechanic. Which I reference, does not allow you to switch back control after you release it. “Because that would be stupid”

  2. Else if we use your way of thinking. And the belt owner does that, then that is the risk in EVE. Mine somewhere else they don’t do that.

  3. Your post is ignorant of basic eve mechanics. I suggest learning a lot more about the subject.

  4. Your post lacks correct punctuation.

(Solstice Projekt) #64

Sure. Okay.

“Ownership does not work that way.” I did not write anything about that.
Can you share what you have read? It was not what I have written.

I am glad that we agree on #2. When the owner of a drill structure decides that he does not anymore want strangers to be allowed to mine his ore, they’re toast. That seems like a fair compromise for everyone involved.

Can you point them out, please, and tell me what’s correct?


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Compared to many others’ it’s great, and my german just fucks with it every day.


(Anderson Geten) #66

I already did, and you just ignored it.

(Ryan B Thiesant) #67

I’m sorry, I was having a bad day. If it helps my german is worst than your english.

(Ryan B Thiesant) #68

It’s EVE do what you want until you get told not to.
The Can/Wreck/Loot/Moon mining mechanic:

The colour of the wreck icon indicates:

White icon: Wreck belongs to you (or your corporation/fleet), and you have not yet accessed it
Grey icon: You have already accessed this wreck
Yellow icon: Wreck belongs to another player/corporation/fleet, and may not be looted without incurring a suspect timer (which allows any other pilot to freely attack you for 15 minutes).
Blue icon: Wreck was abandoned by the owner, and can be freely looted by anyone
A ship must be within 2500 m of a wreck in order to loot it (i.e. take its contents).

CC https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Salvaging

CC https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Crimewatch#Suspect_Timer

(Ima Wreckyou) #69

What I could see is that those belts are owned by a corp and therefore only corp miners can mine them. This way they have to stay in the corp and can be wardeced as usual. If they jump corp they can no longer mine the ore without going suspect.

Randoms or NPC corp members can still mine it but have to go suspect.

(Solstice Projekt) #70

Yes, that I know.

What I am apparently missing is how this ties to the allowance of being able to mine roids which are not yours.

My point was that this idea will first cause mass “griefing” (note the quotation marks) and second will cause people to not mine moon ore in highsec anymore (i mean from people who are not your actual friends), because of the mass “griefing” it caused before.

Not giving the owner of a drilling structure the ability to re-set the allowance to “No” immediately goes against the spirit of the game, and that means that people WILL absolutely hoard miners at their moon ore, get ready to kill them all and then flip the switch.

A timer, or just having miner’s lasers turned off in case the switch-flipping happens, would be unbalanced due to the fact that it would protect the afk players from deservedly getting their asses handed to them.

I mean … sure … it’s not that I dislike the idea, it’s just that the medium-term outcome is extremely predictable.

Maybe I’ve been going through too many threads and maybe I’m mixing things up.

(Ryan B Thiesant) #71

EVE is about risk verses reward. You risk a lot and you get a better reward. Let’s call this “RvR”.

I hope you will agree because it will be pointless otherwise. And even if you are trolling it helps others understand.

You should not be able to take what is not yours. At least without getting a suspect timer.

So here it is in a sentence. “have refinery mined ore behave like a wreck”

The moon chunk obviously the “ship”.

And have all that is EVE apply to that.

I was going to write something really long.

I have answered this. You obviously don’t know how, or could be bothered to read the links posted.

Once the ore is released it can’t be turn back to the refinery owner.

It fit nicely into EVE. If you are not willing to risk getting a suspect timer, or going into low or null then what are you doing?

To summarised
Moon mining is weird and lovely, and mining will always provide content for gankers.
I mine ore from refineries and pay a kickback.
If I own a refinery I have no way of stopping people from mining my risk and converting that into isk.

Finally; The risk is skewed way too much in favor of the high sec miner.

  1. The refinery owner gets a corp, refinery finds fuel, arms the thing, defends war decks, tries to mine the ore, and everything else…

  2. The miner comes and AFK mines.

And maybe you are a troll. Thank you for helping explain a little more and keeping the thread open longer. o/ fly safe.


(Anderson Geten) #72

I think he just does not know that the “security button” goal is to prevent you from acquiring a suspect/criminal timer.

When you have this on, you can’t acquire a suspect/criminal timer

(Solstice Projekt) #73

You’re welcome!
It’s short, apparently relatively on point and does not waste anyone’s time.

Compared to the first post it’s amazing!

Thank you!

(Ryan B Thiesant) #74

Yes, waffling is overrated.

Short and to the point is “OP”, in my opinion and might get nerfed. So I don’t use it too much.


(Quantus Sumerian) #75

New player here. Where do I get to get free moon rocks? Any 0.5 system has them and I can just mine them?

(Anderson Geten) #76

no, you need to install an athanor with fuel and a mining drill, set up a mining operation(two clicks) and wait for the operation to complete (6days minimum)

The fuel costs something like 100M/month, the athanor+drill 1B, if you add two rigs it’s 800M/rig.

If you want to add compression/reprocess, you also need to add another module, for 100M I think +100M fuel/month.

(Ryan B Thiesant) #77


approx 100km off a refinery in space, at a particular time.

yes and yes. no permit required.

(Ryan B Thiesant) #78

right. or you can just steal other people’s hard earned rocks.

(Mingja) #79

You do have. Wardec them, kill them when they pop up at your belt.

(Anderson Geten) #80

you can’t wardec npc corps