HS Moon mining ore protection system. Will it be?

(Jenne Wain) #41

Cool. We disagree. that’s ok.

Have a great day.

(Anderson Geten) #42

What do we disagree on ?

Maybe I have a bad idea, and I am wrong. But then you explain why. Cause as you explained and how I understand it, this is not the case.

(Jenne Wain) #43

I agree that avoiding baiters is the same, but I see this as adding a potential new baiting mechanism for miners and you don’t. I agree that the mechanics you describe already exist. This just adds another way to bait them. That’s all I’m saying.

(Anderson Geten) #44

What “potential new mechanism” (new as, that is not already present) would it add ?

(Jenne Wain) #45

Mining an asteroid instead of stealing a can.

(Anderson Geten) #46

What you described is the proposal.

What new mechanism would it add ? Because getting suspect in a belt is already present.

I mean, I don’t understand how it would change suspect baiting, yet you tell it would. How comes ?

(QuakeGod) #47

I’ll just stick to the tried and true method of using Machs and Fleet Stabbers as area-denial until the miners give up and log out…

(Lannee Ennox) #48

TL;DR - make Structure Access a gain to miners, make blocked access a loss = leverage over moon mining

Instead of the stick why don’t we offer a carrot?

First off, we make hi-sec refineries worth using by restricting compression in hi-sec to only moon mining Athanors (ie. those anchored on a moon). My experience has shown me that no body really wants to use my high yield refinery or even the low reprocess tax to refine. Market hubs are not in 0.5 space so most miners want to “compress and haul” not “refine and use”. Add to this a fee for compression (as suggested above).

Next, we make access to the refinery a competitive edge for anyone mining the field. For example: At the moment if I am mining my moon asteroids I am not able to warp to dock in my own station! Instead it is more efficient to warp to another station - drop my ore there and warp back to the field! Maybe changing the location of the Asteroid field would make warp to dock possible FOR THOSE WITH DOCKING rights. This would mean we have some leverage over anyone mining the field : pay a fee to the corp. and get access to quick docking (useful when the gankers turn up). Over time refinery owners could work together to develop block lists for known abusers.

Finally maybe some station modules (instead of the useless “weapons”) which would increase yield / speed etc. to those on an access list.

(Anderson Geten) #49

just place a BM on the edge of the docking radius of your athanor.

My athanor is 120km from my closest ore, my BM still at 200+km.

I agree with compressing fees though. But it’s not that important to compress here or there.

(Lannee Ennox) #50

A good tip, I have implemented this. Fortunately, my refinery undocks pointing away from the ore field so I can “bounce” of my undock BM :slight_smile:

(Solstice Projekt) #51

You unintentionally revealed an interesting weak spot of Anderson.

Thank you.

(Yozo Ellec0n) #52


(Random User83) #53

Part of the game. If you can’t protect it with force, people are gonna exploit it.

PS: I love all the free moon ore sitting around most of the time. You don’t even need to run a drill just bring your orca & fleet of skiffs and vacuum the belts up. If you’re salty about those “random miners” become one.

(Ryan B Thiesant) #54

Does anyone want this feature to happen?

I think it should. It’s normal for something you have killed, jettisoned of put in space to be yours.

WE know that they is a suspect time mechanic.

I think this should be applied to Moon mining.

All that needs to be done is to say yes or no.

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #55


(Random User83) #56

… no

(Solstice Projekt) #57

I am all for this idea, actually.

Then people willspawn dozens of open moon drills for people to mine at…
… and at a good point in time the legitimations will be turned off …
… and every single miner shits his pants, because he turns suspect.

People with stupid ideas really need to their ideas to be implemented …
… so they learn how stupid their ideas really are.

(Anderson Geten) #58

You should shut up when you have no idea what you are talking about.
Miners won’t turn suspect unless their security allow them to.

You call people stupid because they are talking about something you have no idea about.

(Solstice Projekt) #59

Nah, I call people like you stupid, because that’s what you continuously put up for display.

Tying it to ones protection nub makes it even worse, not better.
There is no need for any of this, because …

“People who can’t defend their stuff do not deserve it.”

And it would not help them anyway, even if it was implemented, because those who whine about it will never do anything anyway. Anyone who claims otherwise is just bullshitting himself or everyone else.

(Anderson Geten) #60

No, you you call people stupid, because you have no argument to show they are wrong, thus you know they are right, and you can’t accept it.

You call people stupid because you don’t like what they say. Because you don’t like their opinion and feel only yours should be allowed to be displayed. Because you are a little egoist brat.

Just look at your own argument about mining people shitting their pants, which makes no sense at all.