HS moon mining thieves

(Sepheir Sepheron) #61

There should be a hotfix asap to cause suspect flag to all pilots that aren’t in the structure’s alliance/corp upon mining until a proper mechanic for counter play is implemented. Tbh what I just said sounds proper maybe just keep it that way.

(Arthur Aihaken) #62

There are ao many broken game mechanics in this game that it’s beyond sad. Basically, if you’re willing to do the hard work - there’s a cheap way to deprive you of it (and one with zero consequences).

Bounties - pointless. Kill rights - pointless. WarDecs - mostly pointless (as retaliation, anyway). Theft - no recourse. Trader scams - no recourse. Bumping - no recourse. Ganking - absolutely zero recourse.

(Quor Dresden) #63

I’m sure every game has some broken mechanics, glitches, but most the time when people talk about it they are just mad it don’t work the way they want.

(Arthur Aihaken) #64

It’s not a question of working the way I want, it’s a question of only incentivizing certain kinds of behaviour. Usually games have a counter that consists more than simply being risk averse or not playing.

(Sade Musana) #65

Isn’t the current form some sort of balance against small corps hogging multiple moons?

If you don’t have the man power to mine 5 moons, maybe you shouldn’t feel entitled to all the resources from those 5 moons. /shrug

(Johnny Boggart) #66

There are pros & cons in each situation…

some people, with a small corps wants to put more athanors that they can mine and they wants to place them in HS so they could easily mine, afk, without any risks… And they even ask that nobody could eat a single crumb of their cake….

simple: come with the mining force that allow you to mine most of the asteroids in a few hours. Or place your athanor in LS so you will be able to defend what you consider your property.

As we say here in France, you cannot have the butter, the money from the butter and the a** of the dairy woman….

(Qia Kare) #67

Part of me would like to see miners better able to enforce a claim on their Athanor’s moon mining minerals, but not necessarily for their sake.

Without the ability to enforce a claim by other means, people will probably do as you say, and since a plausible mining force can be made to do the job out of uninteresting no-face alts in undeccable corporations, people probably will do just that.

This is speculation, of course, but I imagine giving the Athanor owners just enough ability to enforce their claim through direct confrontation that they ignite a spark of more personal conflict.

There’s a much different feel involved in arriving at some rocks and being forcibly denied vs. arriving late to an empty field with nobody there. In the former case, you know who did it. You’ve seen them. Maybe you start to think you can turn the tables on them, or pay them back somehow.

I am a bit dissatisfied with gameplay that resembles the game ‘hungry hungry hippos’ but with orcas trying to eat the most asteroids first instead of the traditional plastic hippos trying to swallow more marbles. People are in the same place, but they’re not really interacting.

There are bigger fish to fry (The chat system comes to mind), but I think it is within our reach to improve player interaction around these structures and that it should be re-examined when time permits.

(Professor JinMine) #68

Have you tried placing buy orders in the system? If they end up selling the ores to you then 1) your toons can engage in more profitable activities, and 2) the ores end up in your hand anyway

(Anderson Geten) #69

When I buy the oven.
When I buy the ingredients.
When I pay the electricity of the oven.
When I wait for the cake to be ready, and invite friends to eat it.

Mon cher, I expect you to not have a bite in my gateau unless invited to.

(Sade Musana) #70

When the friends stop accepting the invites to eat, maybe it’s time to scale back on the cake making. All that unwanted cake will only entice the rats to show up in the kitchen. >.<

(Sugar Smacks) #71

So people have spent the entire last month moving their miners out of their Athanor holding corps so they could avoid wardec. Now you want to make it so they all have to move back or they will flag suspect for mining the same rocks.

You think this will help you? Is your memory only a month old?

The very last thing you want is a flag system, but go ahead, push it through. You will live to regret that decision 1000 fold.

(Sade Musana) #72

They are relying on the access list, allowing them to keep their alts in undeccable corps to freely farm the rocks, I assume.

(Sugar Smacks) #73

You cant access the rocks and want a flag without putting yourself out there for wardec.

(Sade Musana) #74

I agree, since we’re on the cake theme, can’t have all your cake and eat it :smiley:

(ellesmere801) #75

with HS moon mining why ccp put in place same as anything else if someone take from you that do not belong to them, turn them yellow or take standing away from them

(Sugar Smacks) #76

Asteroids out in space belong to nobody. Just because you pulled a piece of moon off, doesn’t mean you claim any ownership to those asteroids.

The same goes with any enemy NPCs, you do not own them because you got to them first. You do not “own” something until it is in your cargohold.

(Anderson Geten) #77

Yeah, so what ? He asked for it, that means he knows this is not present already, otherwise no point in asking for it. Why in hell are you so dense to not realize this is asked ?

If people become suspect when they mine the resource “as anything else if someone take from you”, that means there needs to be a owner for the moon roids …

The same goes with wrecks ? Have you ever played the game already ?

(Abyrr Lemmont) #78

No one has to move back anywhere. As the station owner I just put my Corp/alliance and whoever pays me for access on the list and boom covered.

Not a war dec game. The war dec change was not effective imo

(Abyrr Lemmont) #79

That’s a horrible correlation

(Abyrr Lemmont) #80

Not sure you’re following the thread. The people mining the moon aren’t in my Corp and can’t be war decced so I can defend the field. He parks 6 orcas and mines it all out afk. I’m already exposed to war dec by being a station owner. He’s only exposed to some bad language and being bumped (oooohhhh such a deterrent)