Hurleyalex hurley for CSM 16 nullsec FC

Hello everyone

My name is hurleyalex hurley also known as hurley, I decided to run for CSM16 as a sov null-sec FC from the United Kingdom.
My aim is to not only to keep null sec to have fights but to get a nice balanced economy as at the moment there is not real way for new and old player to get isk that is worth the isk in null sec and low sec.

Eve and me
I first started eve in 2013 and played with a group of 5-6 friend and we start our own high sec corp we did the normal thing new players did which was mining and running missions at the time, however eventually we got bored and felt. I then came back to the game in the end of 2014 and tried some low sec and null sec which I enjoyed but did not find any connections so once again I took a break. However I came back to the game in 2018 and started doing high sec incursions with WTM and became a fc there to which i enjoyed the other fc with the community they had there. I was then invited to join a corp in nulls part of one of the big alliances and made lots of great friend sand made my way to be a fc for the alliance.

So what do I know?
I spent a fair amount of time in null sec and high sec and I understand that now it is really hard for new player and existing player to gain isk by ratting or mining normal ore, as my understanding is the only way to get real amount of isk is ice mining or moon goo mining. another point is as everything get more expensive i believe that fights will slow down due to the massive cost they will create.

Why do I want csm and what can you expect?
I want to have the economy fix so that its no longer a slog for time to make your isk and there for make fights happen more often as the cost wont be as much as a worry as well as trying to fix the ballance so HAC as not the only meta in the game.

if you have any questions feel free to contact me in game by mail or talk to me on discord here

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What separates you from every other NS candidate that thinks scarcity is bad? Why you over them?

over all i think thaqqt the chaged to where ores spawn is a great chnage however, the removal of certent ores from moons and the remove of belts is a horrible change

That isn’t answering my question

Best of luck H

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