I am not gone, but preparing

Some of you may have seen my rather brute entry into your world. I burst through screaming and proclaiming, and was met with just friction. I have taken this time to gaze upon the stars and to contemplate on my path.

Who am I and what is this? Have you travelled through high sec lately? The systems patrolled by CONCORD, with stations and systems established to the races spread across EDEN? The universe is in chaos, and even the strong arms of CONCORD are powerless to stop it. People are dying right and left to clones who sacrifice themselves in order to destroy others, and CONCORD can do nothing but end their worthless clones for them to be reborn to repeat the process. Nameless clones killing nameless people with a pointless agenda. The lower security systems are barren and people have lost their way. Lost their will to fight for what they believe in. They have not lost their will to win, but as for objective…I think those have been lost through the tides of time so to speak. The outer rim is as it has always been. A constant bicker for poise and possessions. Wallets grow and expand, and countless clones line up in hopes of catching the crumbs that fall from these empires tables. Many do catch them, and many do prosper. Then they become as their wallets, a number. Names are reserved for those who have truly made history, powered by the masses of unending numbers. My, what have we become? Thousands of immortals dancing to the beat of another’s drum. We have become puppets.

There have been many factions before us to set out against these things. To look at the system and proclaim themselves as individual. We are sentient beings and yet we constantly wrap ourselves in blankets of ideals and of custom in constant struggle to validate our existence and position in this unending life. I too was this way…but there is a better life for us.

Most of you know of the Angel Cartel. Most of you fight their ships daily, almost without struggle. But why? To collect bounty to serve your “masters”? To win their wars in hopes of getting more of their crumbs. Remember…even though the animals steal food, they are still protected by the houses in which they dwell owned by those masters. I have been working in secret, to generate a very special clone. A different kind of clone. He is being processed as we speak and once finished he will leave for the Cartel systems and build to support their fight. Their structure is strong. No more orders from leaders seeking glory. The Cartel have seen these leaders of the sovereign world, and they do not believe they have YOUR interests in mind.

So now we ask ourselves? Wouldn’t we be doing the same for them? Wouldn’t we be fighting for the same crumbs by serving them? Do you know who rule the Cartel? You do not because their faces have not been seen. I only spoke to them through drones, but they explained to me the importance of self and self-preservation. They were formed of Minmatar slaves but soon found out all should be welcomed. We all have suffered the same, why should anyone be excluded? They explained to me they only want life to matter again, before death was taken from the people of Eden.

So prepare yourself. Prepare your ships. Prepare your clones. But most of all prepare your voice. We are the people of New Eden, and we will no longer serve masters who carve a name from our backs. We are immortal, what fear do we have? Thousands upon thousands strike down countless crew they have labeled “rats”. It should not have been this way. The allied governments of many races may have stamped their name on countless star systems, but we can take them back. I hope I have garnered your attention, as we progress there will be more to come. The Eclipse is coming, let our forces cover the light that shines through Eden and watch as their hold on this universe dies…

K. :v:


I bide. Patient but eager. I bide.

Can I have (some) of your stuff before you go?

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When everyone is immortal, all feats are meaningless. All victories and defeats are worthless. All tears are therefore silly. All desire for tears is just sad.

Thankfully, real life is not as pointless as Eve. Imagine if getting podded meant you had to start again. Then we’d have a game on our hands.

So much text, yet nobody cares.

Bye! Feel free to contract me all your items :parrot:

When the edge is so sharp, it cuts you.


…it meant i was moving to pirate space and starting a role playing org in order to introduce a new aspect to my game to try and keep my interest …im not quiting or trying to be edgy it was a story…wtf, u r people that dense? Lmao nevermind with it, your HS belts and sov pings are calling…

And thank you mod for moving it to the wrong forum. It was a role play and had nothing to do with lore discussion but whatever…

You do know I play a Cartel member, right? Thanks for calling me dense too. Cheers.

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There are no giants here. Whose shoulder can any of us stand upon.

Good luck! I hope you find your niche eventually! :heart:


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