I bought a 15400plex, but I haven't received it, and the account is blocked

I bought a 15400plex, but I haven’t received it, and the account is blocked. A newly registered account, no more than 30 minutes of game time, even you have closed the forum login authority, GM has refused to reply, and closed my help request, and set the problem to be solved. I was treated unfairly and asked for help!


54T ISK? Jesus…:scream_cat:

Yes, CCP, refused to send DLC, and blocked my account. I only played for less than 30 minutes, and bought 15400plex with the encouragement of my friends. However, I didn’t expect that the purchase was completed for less than 1 minute, so my account was immediately blocked, and GM of the help center refused to reply. I have submitted dozens of help without any reply


Order No.: 1461909896631031270

Inb4 banned because the plex was purchased with a stolen credit card and OP is making a new account to try and launder it, lmao.

No, I have a purchase certificate

The steam customer service told me that there was no problem with my funds

And I didn’t pay with my credit card, and my steam wallet had enough balance to buy

The steam account purchased is s893206154,I can publish all the information just to be treated fairly

This has been my income for half a month. Now I only eat a sandwich every day to maintain my life. I didn’t expect to have

If the CCP has some difficulties that can’t be said, I can accept the refund. Now I’m not in the mood to play the game again. I go to the help center for help every day, and all I get is the problem of being closed

Yeah, with a stolen credit card, Lmao.

Game ID: Steam: 19513730

Steam account: s893206154

Order No.: 1461909896631031270

Purchase content: 15400plex

This sounds like a you problem, not a CCP problem, lol.

No, I didn’t pay by credit card, CCP can find out

Stolen steam account, then. Whatever.