I purchased 15400PLEX, did not receive it, and my account was blocked, I did not pay by credit card

Snip Account Information Removed Snip ~Buldath

Order No.: 1461909896631031270

Purchase content: 15400plex

Please help me

Please help me Please help me Please help me

Please help me

Please help me

Please help me

Wrong place to cry and whine kid. Spamming and crying on the forums isn’t going to help you.

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What should I do? GM declined to respond and closed my question

15400plex, it’s not a small amount of money. It’s my income for half a month,I’m very anxious

No one here can help you. You’ll need to submit a trouble ticket. If you purchased through Steam, the ticket should be submitted to them - not much CCP can do if they didn’t get the order. For a large transaction there may also be a “hold” period to make sure it’s legitimate.

I don’t really care, but you should stop spamming because you will not get any help on the forums.

I need GM support, because the questions submitted to the help center are closed

GMs don’t support on the forums. So again, this is the wrong place.

The payment has been successful. The purchase was completed about 30 minutes after I created the role. When I made the purchase and received the order information, my account was banned. It has been going on for a month and no one helped me.

I have submitted dozens and none of them got a reply and I have no choice

Accept that you are banned and stop crying. Lol.

And you think spamming here is going to help? Haahahhahhahahaha

NO, this is my money, I do n’t have any behavior that can make him withhold my money, this is incorrect

You bought plex. The money is gone. Move on with your life, friendo.

This is not spam, this is a help request, asking the GM to follow